CATALOG #292 JUNE 2017
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What a busy time. It seems I’m always packing books up, going to conventions,
unpacking from said conventions, and starting all over again. During April and May
that’s pretty much my whole life. It theoretically slows down a bit now but I’m looking
at a few other events throughout the summer.
I’m sorry for the lack of new items. It seems there is less and less I really want to carry
through the store in new books and we have so many used and rare items coming in that
I’d rather sell what I’ve already paid for. But if there’s anything we’re missing in our
catalogues, please let us know; we can order much of what’s new out there for you.


Barker, David & Pugmire, W. H. – In the Gulfs of Dreams and Other Lovecraftian
Tales 1st Ed. TPB (Dark Renaissance 2015) Dual collection, some stories by Barker,
some by Pugmire, some by both, of Lovecraftian stories. $19.95

(Bradbury) Nolan, William F. – Nolan on Bradbury 1st thus. tpb (Hippocampus 2017)
New, expanded version of Nolan’s many essays on Bradbury, many published in
Bradbury’s lifetime (1921-2012) and some published since. Also interviews with
Bradbury, analysis, tributes and more. $20.00

Crowley, John – Totalitopia 1st. tpb (PM Press 2017) Collection of mostly non-fiction,
an interviews, plus one original story. Crowley is an unfairly neglected writer; he is one
of the greatest fantasy writers ever (in my humble opinion). 114 page booklet. $14.99

Dunsany, Lord – The Ghost in the Corner and Other Stories 1st Ed. TPB
(Hippocampus 2017) Collection of previously uncollected and several previously
unpublished works. Edited by S.T. Joshi and Martin Anderson. $20.00

Joshi, S. T. – Varieties of the Weird Tale 1st Ed. TPB (Hippocampus 2017) Collection
of essays on well-known Weird writers (James, Dunsany) and lesser known (Sax Rohmer,
Irvin S. Cobb, Maurice Level) up to contemporary writers such as Ramsey Campbell,
Thomas Ligotti and Caitlin Kiernan. Joshi is always illuminating and well-researched.

Lloyd, Rebecca – Seven Strange Stories 1st Ed. HC (Tartarus Press 2017) Collection
of Literary Horror and Supernatural. Limited to 300 copies. $46.95

Scalzi, John – The Dispatcher 1st Ed. HC (Subterranean 2017) One day, not long from
now, it becomes almost impossible to murder anyone—999 times out of a thousand,
anyone who is intentionally killed comes back. How? We don’t know. But it changes
everything: war, crime, daily life.

Tony Valdez is a Dispatcher—a licensed, bonded professional whose job is to humanely
dispatch those whose circumstances put them in death’s crosshairs, so they can have a
second chance to avoid the reaper. But when a fellow Dispatcher and former friend is
apparently kidnapped, Tony learns that there are some things that are worse than death,
and that some people are ready to do almost anything to avenge what they see as a
wrong.. Vincent Chong illustrations. 117 pages. $25.00

New Anthologies

Joshi, S. T. (ed) – A Mountain Walked : Great Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos 1st thus.
TPB (Dark Regions 2017) Huge anthology (over 600 pages) of new and classic
Lovecraftian stories. $24.95

Joshi, S. T. (ed) – Nightmare’s Realm : New Tales of the Weird and Fantastic 1st Ed.
TPB (Dark Regions 2017) Large Lovecraft-inspired anthology with Campbell, Kiernan,
Tem, Strantzas, Oliver, Pugmire, more. $24.95

Sammons, Brian M.(ed) – Return of the Old Ones 1st Ed. TPB (Dark Renaissance
2017)Apocalyptic Lovecraftian Horror anthology. All new stories. $24.95

Sammons, Brian M / Barrass, Glynn Owen (ed) – The Children of Gla’aki : A
Tribute to Ramsey Campbell’s Great Old One TPB (Dark Regions 2017) Horror
anthology. New stories by various people plus Ramsey’s classic The Inhabitant of the
Lake. $24.95

New Art

Windsor McCay – Dinomania : The Lost Art of Windsor McCay, the Secret
Origin of King Kong, and the Urge to Destroy New York 1st Ed. HC
(Fantagraphics 2015) Amazing look at McCay’s influence over Dinosaur culture in
the 1920s. Oversize (12 x 16”) and very heavy. Loads of McCay art plus movie
posters, newspaper clippings and lots more. Originally published at $95.00, now
only $45.00. $45.00

(Peter Driben) Stephen James Walker – Titillation : The Vintage Pulp Magazine Art
of Peter Driben tpb (Telos UK 2017) Cover artist for hundreds of ‘40s and ‘50s pin-up
magazines, Driben is easily recognized for his wide-eyed, wholesome looking girls.
Nearly 200 pages. $39.95

(Omar Rayyan) Christine Rosetti’s Goblin Market visually interpreted by Omar
Rayyan 1st Ed. HC (Donald M. Grant 2017) Gorgeous edition of this 1862 classic story.
Full color illustrations throughout, this is Rayyan’s dream project. SIGNED copies
available. Oversize. $35.00

(Jon Whitcomb) Dan Zimmer – The Art of Jon Whitcomb 1st Ed. HC (Illustrated
Press 2017) Whitcomb (1906 – 1988) was an illustrator known mainly for beauty and fashion in such magazines as Good Housekeeping, Womens’s Home Journal, and Cosmopolitan. His advertising art is recognizable even to today’s audience since the
images have become classics of their kind. Only 1000 copies. $44.95

New Magazines

Wormwood #28 Spring 2017 Articles and essays on Robert Aickman, Kipling, Lionel
Johnson, reviews by Reggie Oliver, and much more. $15.00

New Film, Television, and Media-related Books & Magazines

HorrorHound #65 The Mummy with Tom Cruise, American Gods, A Mummy
retrospective, news and reviews. $6.99

Little Shoppe of Horrors #38 Special issue featuring Frankenstein : The True Story.
Articles on the making of the revolutionary television mini-series, interviews with the
stars; really a book-length feature on the film. $10.95

Used & Rare Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks

Barnett, David B. – Dead Souls 1st. tpb (Shocklines Press 2004) Collection of Horror
stories. One of an unspecified number of SIGNED copies. Fine. $7.00

Barrass, Glynn Owen / Shiflet, Ron – Arkham Nights : Tales of Mythos Noir tpb
(Celaeno Press 2016) Collection of hard-boiled Mythos stories. Intro by Robert Price.
Fine. $7.00

(Mahlon Blaine) Roland Trenary – Mahlon Blaine : One-Eyed Visionary tpb
(Grounded Outlet 2013) A Biography and Bibliography of one of Fantasy’s more
unusual artists. Blaine illustrated Edgar Rice Burroughs, Hans Heinz Ewers, and many
erotic drawings. B&W illustrations throughout. VG. $9.00

Brown, Eric – Famadihana on Fomalhaut IV 1st Ed. HC (PS Pub. 2014) SF novella.
Fine in jacket. $12.00

Cisco, Michael – The Wretch of the Sun tpb (Hippocampus 2016) A Haunted House
Ghost Story. Near fine. $10.00

Cooper, James – Strange Fruit 1st Ed. HC (PS Pub. 2014) Dark Fantasy novella.
Limited hardcover edition. Fine in jacket. $12.00

Crowther, Peter – The Spaces Between the Lines 1st Ed. HC (Subterranean 2007)
Horror novel. One of 750 SIGNED and numbered copies. Fine in jacket. $12.00

Crowther, Peter – Jewels in the Dust 1st Ed. HC (Subterranean 2013) Collection of 13
SF/Fantasy stories plus story notes. One of 750 SIGNED and numbered copies.
Published at $45. Fine in jacket. 25.00

D’Ammassa, Don – Scarab 1st Ed. HC (Five Star 2004) SF/Crime novel with Sandor
Dyle. Fine in jacket. $10.00

Daniels. Les – The Black Castle 1st Ed. HC (Scribners 1978) Vampire Horror novel.
Author’s first novel. Near fine in jacket. $20.00

Daniels, Les – The Silver Skull 1st Ed. HC (Scribners 1979) Vampire Horror novel;
second in the Sebastian de Villanueva series. VG in GVG jacket; 3” closed tear along
right edge of cover. $10.00

de Camp, L. Sprague – Divide and Rule 1st Ed. HC (Fantasy Press 1948) Two Science/
Fantasy novellas. VG; small nick at head; in GVG jacket; discolored; closed tear at head
of spine. $15.00

de camp, L. Sprague – Heroes and Hobgoblins 1st Ed. HC (Donald M. Grant 1981)
Collection of poetry. Illustrated by Tim Kirk. SIGNED by both de Camp and Kirk and
limited to 1250 copies. Fine in jacket. $20.00

de Camp, L. Sprague – The Wheels of If 1st Ed. HC (Shasta 1949) Collection of
Fantasy stories. Hannes Bok cover art. VG in age-toned and chipped jacket. $20.00

de Camp, L. Sprague / Pratt, Fletcher – Tales from Gavagan’s Bar 1st thus. HC
(Owlswick ) Collection of tall tales and shaggy dog stories. Funny and
recommended. SIGNED and inscribed by de Camp “For Peder, 9/2/89” Near fine in VG
jacket; large “v” chip along top edge of cover. $20.00

de Camp, L. Sprague / Pratt, Fletcher – Tales from Gavagan’s Bar 1st Ed. HC
(Twayne 1953) Collection of tall tales and shaggy dog stories. Funny and recommended.
VG in slightly edgworn jacket. $30.00

del Rey, Lester – “…and some were human.” 1st Ed. HC (Prime Press 1948)
Collection of SF stories. VG; tiny bumps to tips; in jacket with light wear at head and
tips. $35.00

Freeman, Brian James – The Painted Darkness 1st Ed. HC (Cemetery Dance 2010)
Dark Fantasy novel. SIGNED on title page. Fine in jacket. $20.00

Garris, Mick – Salome 1st Ed. HC (Cemetery Dance 2015) Horror novel; one of 750
SIGNED and numbered copies. Fine in jacket. $25.00

Garton, Ray – Lot Lizards 1st ED. HC (Ziesing 1991) Horror novel. One of 400
SIGNED and numbered copies. Fine in jacket and slipcase. $40.00

Garton, Ray – Pieces of Hate 1st Ed. HC (Cemetery Dance 1996) Horror collection.
One of 500 SIGNED and numbered copies. Fine in jacket and slipcase. $25.00

Garton, Ray – Sex and Violence in Hollywood 1st Ed. HC(Subterranean 2001)
Oversize. Horror novel of over 500 pages. SIGNED of 1250 numbered copies. Fine in
jacket. Published at $40.00 $25.00

Garton, Ray – Shackled 1st Ed. HC (Bloodletting Press 2008) Huge (nearly 700 pages)
Horror novel. One of 400 SIGNED and numbered copies. Fine in jacket. $45.00

Harper-Murray, Brenton – Dead of the Union 1st. tpb (Holy Cow Press 2012)
Chronicle of the war between the North, the South and the Dead. SIGNED and inscribed
“Thanks so much for your help Brooke”. Fine. $8.00

Herbert, Frank – The Collected Stories of Frank Herbert 1st Ed. HC (Tor 2014)
Huge collection (700 pages) of short fiction from the acclaimed author of Dune. Near
fine in jacket. $10.00

Jacob, Charlee – Season of the Witch tpb (Necro 2013) Erotic Horror novel.
Fine. $7.00

Jones, Raymond F. – Renaissance 1st Ed. HC (Gnome Press 1951) SF novel. Near fine
in VG jacket; small closed tear along bottom edge of cover. $25.00

Keene, Brian- Sympathy for the Devil : The Best of Hail Saten Vol. 1 (Delirium
Books 2004) Collection of essays, blogs and rants from his columns and blogposts.
SIGNED. Fine. $8.00

Keene, Brian – Earthworm Gods tpb (Deadite Press 2012) “Author’s Preferred
Edition”. SF/Horror novel; Only full version of this work. Near fine. $15.00

Lansdale, Joe R. – The Magic Wagon tpb (Subterranean 2001) Great mash-up of genres
– A Horror/Fantasy Western. SIGNED. Fine. 20.00

Laski, Marghanita – The Victorian Chaise-longue 2nd printing. HC (Cresset Press
1953) Classic Horror novel. VG in price-clipped jacket. $15.00

Lebbon, Tim – Shifting of Veils 1st Ed. HC (PS 2014) Third of the Apocalypse Trilogy
of novellas. Years after the zombie plague, few people remain. Fine in jacket. $10.00

Leiber, Fritz – The Leiber Chronicles 1st Ed. HC (Dark Harvest 1990) Very large
collection (600 pages) of some prime Fantasy and Science Fiction by one of the greats of
the field. VGF in jacket. $50.00

Massie, Elizabeth – Desper Hollow tpb (Apex 2013) Horror novel; Granny Mustard
creates Immortality Moonshine but instead makes a mess of zombies which makes life in
Desper Hollow quite difficult. Fine. $7.00

Matheson, Richard – Noir : Three Novels of Suspense 1st. tpb (Forge 2005) Suspense
novels Someone is Bleeding, Fury on Sunday, and Ride the Nightmare. All three were
fabulously rare paperback originals. 7.00

McMahon, Gary – The Grieving Stones 1st Ed. HC (PS 2015) Horror; An isolated
house with a dark secret. An evil is unleashed amongst the Grieving Stones and the true
meaning of transformation is made clear. Fine w/o jacket as issued. $20.00

Myers, Gary – The House of the Worm 1st Ed. HC (Arkham House 1975) “Episodic
novel” of ten stories. Author’s first book. Illustrated by Allen Servoss. Fine in jacket.

Morton, Lisa – The Lucid Dreaming 1st Ed. tpb (Bad Moon Books 2009) Horror
novella; #69/150 SIGNED copies. Fine. $7.00

Mundy, Talbot – Tros of Samothrace 1st Ed. HC (Appleton Century 1938) Historical
Fantasy novel; nearly 950 pages. GVG; wear at head, heel, and tips; splits at head;
yellow cloth is dirty and scuffed. $30.00

Munn, H. Warner – The Banner of Joan 1st Ed. HC (Donald M. Grant 1975) Prose
and Poem telling of Joan of Arc. With a slip of paper stating “Special autograph sheet for
Banner of Joan to follow shortly” and the autograph slip “To Jeffrey Gegner with Best
Wishes, H. Warner Munn”. Fine in jacket. $25.00

Ollie, William – KillerCon 1st Ed. HC (Thunderstorm 2011) Horror novel. Black
Voltage Series #6. One of 100 copies (#93). Fine in jacket. $25.00

Resnick, Michael – Hazards : The Chronicles of Lucifer Jones 1934-1938 1st Ed. HC
(Subterranean 2009) Collection of Fantasy/Adventure stories in the Indiana Jones mold.
SIGNED of an unspecified number. Fine in jacket. Published at $35.00 $15.00

Sharp, Liam – Andrew Wilmingot’s Paradise Rex Press Inc. 1st Ed. HC (PS Pub.
2015) Odd collection of fiction, poetry (or a sort) and other “stuff”. Afterword by China
Mieville. Fine in jacket. $12.00

Speegle, Darren – A Haunting in Germany 1st Ed. HC (PS 2016) Horror collection.
Fine in jacket. $15.00

Taylor, Lucy – The Safety in Unknown Cities 1st UK. tpb (Eros UK 1996) Novel of
sexual discovery and ultimate Horror. VGF; pages browning. $7.00

Anthologies – Used & Rare Hardcover and Trade Paperback

Booth, Bob (ed) – The Big Book of Necon 1st Ed. HC (Cemetery Dance 2009)
Oversize Horror anthology with 53 stories by just about anyone who is anyone in horror.
Fine in jacket. $25.00

Denyer, Trevor (ed) – Ghost Highways : Midnight Street Anthology 2 (Midnight
Street 2016) Horror anthology with Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, LenMaynard and
Mick Sims, many others. Near fine. $7.00

Jones, Stephen (ed) – Best New Horror #26 tpb (Drugstore Indian Press 2015) Large
anthology with Campbell, Etchison, Straub, Strantzas, Angela Slatter, Robert Shearman,
others. Fine. $9.00

Moore, C. Dennis / Barnett, David G.(ed) – Into the Darkness Vol. 1 tpb (Ncro Press
2013) Horror anthology. Fine. $7.00

Moran, Tom / Moran, Billie (ed) – Wicked Karnival : Halloween Horrors tpb
(Sideshow Press 2005) Horror stories by Rick Hautala, Graham Masterton, James A.
Moore, others. Fine. $7.00

Pardoe, Rosemary (ed) The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows Volume 3 1st Ed.
HC (Sarob Press 2016) Anthology of ghost stories by Steve Rasnic Tem, John Llewellyn
Probert, Mark Valentine, others. Marked on the copyright page as a “Review Copy”.
VG; nick at lower right tip of cover, w/o jacket as issued. $25.00

Year’s Best Weird Fiction Volume One – Kathe Koja / Michael Kelly (ed) tpb
(Undertow 2015) Jeffrey Ford, Simon Strantzas, Jeff Vandermeeer, Michael Blumlein,
others. Fine. $8.00

Sammons, Brian (ed) – Tales of Cthulhu Invictus tpb (Golden Goblin 2015) “Nine
Stories of Battling the Cthulhu Mythos in Ancient Rome”. Hoo boy! Fine. $8.00

Vandermeer, Anne & Jeff (ed) – Fast Ships, Black Sails tpb (Night Shade 2008) Pirate
Fantasy anthology with Garth Nix, Naomi Novik, Michael Moorcock, Howard Waldrop,
Eric Flint, Elizabeth Bear and many more. Fine. $7.00

Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2016 – Paula Guran tpb (Prime 2016) Neil
Gaiman, Caitlin Kiernan, Catherynne Valente, John Shirley, Angela Slatter, Ken Liu,
others. Fine. $8.00

Year’s Best Weird Fiction Volume Two – Laird Barron / Michael Kelly (ed) tpb
(Undertow 2014) Koja, Karen Joy Fowler, Caitlin Kiernan, others. Fine. $8.00

Year’s Best Weird Fiction Volume Three – Simon Strantzas/ Michael Kelly (ed) tpb
(Undertow 2016) Brian Evenson, Aickman, Campbell, Oliver, others. Fine. $8.00

Used and Rare Paperbacks

Bloch, Robert – Atoms And Evil 1st Ed. (Gold Medal 1962) Collection of Horror
stories. PBO. VG; slight browning. $8.00

Bloch, Robert – Bogey Men 1st Ed. (Pyramid 1963) Collection of Horror and Terror
stories by a master. Afterword by Sam Moskowitz. PBO. VG. $6.00

Bloch, Robert – Firebug 1st thus (Lancer 1967) Horror novel. First Lancer edition.
VGF. $10.00

Bloch, Robert – Ladies’ Day / This Crowded Earth 1st Ed. (Belmont 1968) Two
complete SF novels. SIGNED on title page. PBO. VG. $20.00

Bloch, Robert – Strange Eons 1st. (Pinnacle 1979) Horror collection of Lovecraftian
stories. First paperback edition (after the Whispers Press HC). Near fine. $15.00

Kersh, Gerald – Men Without Bones 1st Ed. (Paperback Library 1962) Collection of
weird and wonderful stories. Recommended. VG; small split at heel; creases. $8.00

Kersh, Gerald – Nightshade and Damnations 1st Ed. (Fawcett Gold Medal 1968)
Brilliant collection of weird stories. Recommended. Intro (& edited by) Harlan Ellison.
Leo & Diane Dillon cover. VGF; slight interior browning. $10.00

Kersh, Gerald – On An Odd Note 1st Ed. (Ballantine 268 1958) Collection of funny,
scary, and just plain odd stories. Recommended. Powers cover. PBO. VG. $10.00

Kersh, Gerald – The Secret Masters 1st Ed. (Ballantine 1953) Suspense novel.
Published simultaneously in hardcover and mass-market paperback. Richard Powers
cover. VG; minor color flaking along spine folds. $10.00

Russell, Eric Frank – Dreadful Sanctuary 1st Revised ed. (Lancer 74-819 1963)
Classic SF novel, revised for this edition. VG. $5.00

Sheckley, Robert – Citizen in Space 2nd printing (Ballantine 1962) SF collection. VG.

Sheckley, Robert – Immortality, Inc. 1st Ed. (Bantam 1959) SF novel; first full-length
version. VG. $5.00

Sheckley, Robert – Journey Beyond Tomorrow 1st Ed. (Dell 1969) SF novel expanded
from an earlier magazine version. PBO. VG. $5.00

Sheckley, Robert – Notions Unlimited 1st Ed. (Bantam 1960) SF collection. PBO.
VG. $5.00

Sheckley, Robert – The Robot Who Looked Like Me 1st Ed. (Bantam 1982) SF/
Fantasy collection. PBO. VG. $5.00

Sheckley, Robert – Shards of Space 1st Ed. (Bantam 1962) SF/Fantasy Collection.
PBO. VG. $5.00

Sheckley, Robert – Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? (DAW 99 1974)
Collection of SF/Fantasy stories. VG. $5.00

Tiptree Jr., James – Ten Thousand Lightyears From Home 2nd. (Ace 1978) A major
collection of 15 SF stories. Intro by Harry Harrison. BG; browning. $8.00

Tiptree Jr. , James – Up the Walls of the World 1st. (Berkley 1979) SF novel. VGF.

Tiptree Jr., James – Houston, Houston, Do You Read? 1st Ed. (Tor 1989) SF novella
bound dos-a-dos with Joanna Russ’s Souls, Ace-Double style. PBO. Near fine. $8.00

Tiptree Jr, James – The Color of Neanderthal Eyes 1st Ed. (Tor 1990) SF novella
bound dos-a-dos with Michael Bishop’s And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees. PBO. Fine.

Used and Rare Magazines (Digests unless otherwise stated)

Vol. 28 #1 Mar 54 Walter Miller, Fredric Brown, others. VG. $5.00
Vol. 32 #1 Jan. 57 Ellison, Sleasar, others. GVG; split at head. $4.00
Vol. 35 #7 Jul 61 Dickson, Leinster, more. VG. $4.00

Astounding (all digests)
Vol. 39 #2 Apr 47 van Vogt, Padgett, Piper. VG; small caped corners. $5.00
Vol. 39 #3 May 47 Sturgeon, Sherred, Padgett, others. VG. $5.00
Vol. 39 #5 Jul 47 Williamson (With Folded Hands), Anderson. VG. $5.00
Vol. 42 #3 Nov 48 Shiras, van Vogt, Sturgeon. VG; chipped head/heel. $5.00
Vol. 43 #5 Jul 49 Schmitz, Simak, de Camp. VG small chip head on cover $5.00
Vol. 43 #6 Aug 49 de Camp, Hubbard, Brown MacDonald. VG;heel chip. $5.00
Vol. 46 #1 Seo 50 Leiber, de Camp, others. VG. $4.00
Vol. 47 #2 Apr 51 H. Beam Piper, Williamson, Brown. VG. $4.00
Vol. 47 #6 Aug 51 Simak, Walter Miller, Dickson, more. VG. $4.00
Vol. 48 #2,3,4 Oct/Nov/Dec 51 Three issues containing serial version of Hal Clement’s
Classic ICEWORLD. All are VG or better. Set price…. $20.00
Vol. 49 #5 Jul 52 Chad Oliver, Shaara, Russell, others. VG. $4.00
Vol. 50 #1 Sep 52 Chandler, Walter Miller, others. VG. $4.00
Vol 50 #2 Oct 62 Asimov, Walter Miller GVG; browning and chipping. $3.00
Vol. 51 #3 May 53 Budrys, Sheckley, Clement, others. VG. $4.00
Vol. 59 #6 Aug 57 Anderson, Harrison, Leinster, others. VG; tape on heel. $4.00

Electric Velocipede #16 Winter 2008 Patrick O’Leary, Rahcel Swirsky, Aliette de
Bodard, Lucius Shepard and many others. Fine. $4.00
Electric Velocipede #17/18 Spring 2009 Jay Lake, Yoon Ha Lee, Chris Roberson, Will
Shetterly, many others. Fine. $4.00
Electric Velocipede #20 Winter 2010 Laura Anne Gilman, interview with Paolo
Bacigalupi, others. Fine $4.00

Galaxy Aug. 1951 Frank Robinson, Ray Bradbury, Lester del Rey. VG. $2.00
Galaxy Nov. 1952 Isaac Asimov, Walter Miller, Kornbluth, Sheckley. VG. $2.00

Insidious Reflections (Full size magazine )
#4 (Fall 2005) Fiction by Joe Lansdale, Paul Finch, others, reviews, news, art.
VGF. $4.00
#5 (Winter 2006) Fiction by and interview with Jack Ketchum, plus fiction by
others, news, reviews, art. VGF. $4.00
#6 (Summer 2006) Fiction by Weston Ochse, David Niall Wilson, others. News,
reviews, art. VGF. $4.00
#7 (Fall 2006) Fiction by Edward Lee, Brian Knight, others, interview with Ray
Garton, Making of The Lost, news, reviews, art. VGF. $4.00
Shroud : The Journal of Dark Fiction and Art (Near full size magazine)
#2 (Mar/Apr 2008) Fiction by Kealan Burke, Nate Kenyon, Tom Piccirilli,
interviews, reviews, art, and Aleister Crowley. VG. $5.00
#3 (Summer 2008) Dario Argento, Fiction, interviews, reviews. VGF. $5.00
#4 (Fall 2008) Fiction,reviews, interviews, Art, Steve Vernon. VGF. $5.00
#5 (Winter 2009) Fiction, reviews, interviews, Art. VGF. $5.00
#6 (MAY/Jun 2009) Rick Hautala. VGF. $5.00
#8 (Winter 2010) VGF. $5.00
#9 (Summer 2010) VGF. $5.00
#10 (Autumn 2010) Halloween extravaganza. VGF. $5.00
#11 (Spring 2011) VGF. $5.00
#12 (Spring 2012) VGF. $5.00

Tales of Obscenity #1 (2013) Full size magazine of Horror, & Erotic Horror
John Everson, Angeline Hawkes, J. F. Gonzalez, art, news, reviews. Fine. $4.00


All of these titles are as new and all are only FIVE BUCKS.
Five Dollars $5 Five Buck $5 Five Dollars $5 Five Buck $5 Five Dollars $5 Five Bucks $5

Simon Bestwick – The Feast of Souls tpb (Solaris 2016) Horror novel.
Daniel Braum – The Night Marchers tpb (Grey Matter 2016) Fantasy/SF/Horror Collection.
Keith Cadeaux/ Dustin Geeraert (ed) – The Shadow Over Portage and Main tpb (Enfield &
Wizenty 2016) Anthology of Weird Fiction.
Andrew Darlington – A Saucerful of Secrets tpb (Parallel Universe 2016) SF/Horror collection.
T.E. Grau – The Nameless Dark tpb (Lethe Press 2015) ARC / Horror Collection.
Michael Griffin – The Lure of Devouring Light tpb (Word Horde 2016) Horror Collection.
C.J. Henderson – Degrees of Fear and Others tpb (Dark Renaissance 2008) Horror collection.
Brian Keene & Steven Shrewsbury – King of the Bastards tpb (Apex 2015) S&S Fantasy.
John Leahy – Unity 1st tpb (Necro 2016) Horror novel.
Manzetti & Orazio – The Monster the Bad and the Ugly tpb (K-Noir 2016) Horror collection.
Copyright page has been removed o/w fine.
Helen Marshall – Hair Side, Flesh Side tpb (Chizine 2012) Fantasy/Horror Collection.
Sunny Moraine – Singing with All My Skin & Bone tpb (Undertow 2016) Horror Collection.
Tim Pratt – Hart & Boot & Other Stories tpb (Night Shade 2007) Horror/SF Collection.
John Skipp – Stupography tpb (Friendly Firewalk 2004) Novel of biting satire.
Rob Smalles – Echoes of Darkness tpb (Books & Boos 2016) Horror Collection. SIGNED.
Peter Sutton – A Tiding of Magpies Kensington tpb (Gore Pub. 2016) Horror Collection.
Jeremy Thompson – Let’s Destroy Investutech tpb (Bedlam 2016) Political SF novel + .
Mary Turzillo – Bonsai Babies tpb (Omnium Gatherum 2016) SF/Horror/Fantasy Collection.
Ray Wallace – Escape from Zombie City tpb (Zombie Feed Press 2011) Zombie novel.
D. Alexander Ward – Beneath Ash & Bone tpb (Bedlam 2016) Horror novel.