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It’s the holiday season again. This is always a tough time of year for me. As a small retailer, I’m constantly being bombarded with the idea that most businesses make a huge percentage of their annual sales during the holidays. While my sales are usually OK, I have had recent years where December is the second and even third best month of the year. With changing buying habits (e-books and ecommerce, aging customers buying fewer books, Am*z*n, etc) it’s more of a struggle to survive. I just had a “customer” in yesterday who shopped with his son, telling him that it’s a good thing to support small bookstores. He wrote down a few titles and promised he’d be back to buy them. He won’t. He was just using us as a showcase to see what he should order online cheaper. It happens a lot. So, please, really do support small bookstores, and small businesses in general. We’re really a lot of fun to shop and usually the people working there are happy to talk to you. At least, that’s the way it is here. I hope everyone has a Wonderful Holiday Season and we’ll see you in the New Year. GREG


Charlie Jane Anders – six months, three days, five others 1st Ed. HC (Tor 2017) From the author of All the Birds in the Sky, this collection features six absurdist stories in a small hardcover (laminated boards – no jacket) format. $12.99

Paolo Bacigalupi – Tool of War HC (Little Brown 2017) Third of the Drowned Cities series. Tool, a half-man/half-beast designed for combat, is capable of so much more than his creators had ever dreamed. He has gone rogue from his pack of bioengineered “augments” and emerged a victorious leader of a pack of human soldier boys. But he is hunted relentlessly by someone determined to destroy him, who knows an alarming secret: Tool has found the way to resist his genetically ingrained impulses of submission and loyalty toward his masters… The time is coming when Tool will embark on an all-out war against those who have enslaved him. From one of science fiction’s undisputed masters comes a riveting page-turner that pulls no punches. $17.99

James P. Blaylock – River’s Edge 1st Ed. HC (Subterranean 2017) A new Langdon St. Ives Adventure. SIGNED of 1000 numbered copies. $40.00

Steven Brust – Vallista HC (Tor 2017) New Fantasy novel of Vlad Taltos (#15). Vlad Taltos is an Easterner an underprivileged human in an Empire of tall, powerful, long-lived Dragaerans. He made a career for himself in House Jhereg, the Dragaeran clan in charge of the Empire s organized crime. But the day came when the Jhereg wanted Vlad dead, and he s been on the run ever since. He has plenty of friends among the Dragaeran highborn, including an undead wizard and a god or two. But as long as the Jhereg have a price on his head, Vlad’s life is messy. $25.99

Lois McMaster Bujold – Penric’s Mission HC (Subterranean 2017) 3rd Penric novella in the World of the Five Gods. SIGNED Copies available. $25.00

James S. A. Corey – Cibola Burn HC (Subterranean 2017) Book 4 of the Expanse. Deluxe edition of 574 copies SIGNED by the authors (Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank a.k.a. James S.A. Corey). Beautiful production values. $80.00

James S. A. Corey – Babylon’s Ashes TPB (Orbit 2017) First paperback edition of book #6 of The Expanse series. $16.99

Philip K. Dick – Electric Dreams HC (Houghton Mifflin 2017) Collection of 10 stories which serves as the basis for the television series of the same name. $20.00

(Harlan Ellison) Nat Segloff – A Lit Fuse : The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison HC (NESFA Press 2017) Biography of one the more controversial writers out there. A bit light on certain details, nevertheless, this biography does shine a light on Ellison’s good side, his bad side and much in between. A very readable and enjoyable work. $35.00

(Harlan Ellison) Fingerprints in the Sky : The Authorized Harlan Ellison Bibliography by Tim Richmond 1st Ed. HC (Subterranean 2017) Large book (oversize 10.5 x 12″) fully illustrated bibliography of Ellison’s incredibly prolific career. Color photo/art section. Excruciatingly detailed. One of 500 copies with a plate bound in SIGNED by Ellison and Richmond. $75.00

Ken Greenhall – Childgrave tpb (Valancourt 2017) When photographer Jonathan Brewster’s four-year-old daughter Joanne tells him about her new invisible friends, he doesn’t think too much about it. But then he sees them for himself: weird and uncanny images of the dead appearing in his photographs. The apparitions seem to have some connection to Childgrave, a remote village in upstate New York with a deadly secret dating back three centuries. Jonathan and Joanne feel themselves oddly drawn to Childgrave, but will they survive the horrors that await them there? First published in 1982. $16.99

Frances Hardinge – A Skinful of Shadows HC (Abrams 2017) Dark Fantasy. This is the story of a bear-hearted girl . . . Sometimes, when a person dies, their spirit goes looking for somewhere to hide. Some people have space within them, perfect for hiding. Twelve-year-old Makepeace has learned to defend herself from the ghosts which try to possess her in the night, desperate for refuge, but one day a dreadful event causes her to drop her guard. $19.99

Joe Hill – Strange Weather HC (Wm. Morrow 2017) Four short, chilling, novels; Snapshot / Loaded / Aloft / Rain. $27.99

Andrew Michael Hurley – Devil’s Day 1st Ed. HC (Tartarus 2017) Limited to 300 SIGNED copies.
All stories in the valley have to begin with the Devil . . . After the blizzard of 1913, it was weeks before anyone got in or out. By that time, what had happened there, what the Devil had done, was already fable. Devil’s Day is a day for children now, of course. A tradition it’s easy to mock, from the outside. But it’s important to remember why we do what we do. It’s important to know what our grandfathers have passed down to us. Because it’s hard to understand, if you’re not from the valley, how this place is in your blood. That’s why I came back, with Kat, and not just because the Gaffer was dead. Though that year we may have let the Devil in after all . . . $52.95

Kij Johnson – The River Bank 1st Ed. HC (Small Beer 2017) A sequel to The Wind in the Willows. The usual suspects, Toad, Rat, Mole and Badger feature in a double kidnapping, lost letters, and family secrets. $24.00

Joe R. Lansdale – Bubba and the Cosmic Bloodsuckers 1st Ed. HC (Subterranean 2017) Another Elvis Presley/Sebastian Haff story. Strange Monsters, Wild Fights, Sex with a Beautiful Ghost, a Drug-Induced Trip into Another Dimension, and All-Manner of Mayhem Ensues. One of 1500 SIGNED and numbered copies. Special SALE PRICE Reg $40 $28.00

Gregory Manchess – Above the Timberline 1st Ed. HC (Saga 2017) Fantasy novel, fully illustrated by the author with hundreds of paintings in gorgeous color. A true graphic novel. Oblong format 9″x 11″. SIGNED with a remarque sketch of a polar bear. $29.95

Richard Matheson – The Best of Richard Matheson tpb (Penguin 2017) Nice collection of 33 of the best Fantasy/Horror so tires you’re likely to find anywhere. Includes classics such as “Born of Man & Woman”, “Dying Room Only”, “Duel” and many more. $17.00

Seanan McGuire – Dead Lands : Boneyard tpb (Tor 2017) Horror novel based on the bestselling role-playing game. Set in the Blackstone Family Circus and Traveling Wonder Show, this novel has all of the oddities and monstrous attractions that a clever writer like McGuire can dream up. $16.99

Nnedi Okorafor – Akata Warrior HC (Viking 2017) Second of the “Akata” series (Akata Witch – tpb $10.99/ HC $17.99 ) A year ago, Sunny Nwazue, an American-born girl Nigerian girl, was inducted into the secret Leopard Society. As she began to develop her magical powers, Sunny learned that she had been chosen to lead a dangerous mission to avert an apocalypse, brought about by the terrifying masquerade, Ekwensu. Now, stronger, feistier, and a bit older, Sunny is studying with her mentor Sugar Cream and struggling to unlock the secrets in her strange Nsibidi book. $18.99

Brandon Sanderson – Oathbringer HC (Tor 2017) 3rd in the Stormlight Archive. Dalinar Kholin’s Alethi armies won a fleeting victory at a terrible cost: The enemy Parshendi summoned the violent Everstorm, which now sweeps the world with  destruction, and in its passing awakens the once peaceful and subservient parshmen to the horror of their millennia-long enslavement by humans. While on a desperate flight to warn his family of the threat, Kaladin Stormblessed must come to grips with the fact that the newly kindled anger of the parshmen may be wholly justified. $34.99

Mary Shelley / Les Klinger – The New Annotated Frankenstein 1st Ed. HC (Liveright 2017) The complete text of the 1818 revised edition with commentary about the 1823 and 1831 editions. With hundreds of annotations and over 200 illustrations. $35.00

Kurt Vonnegut – Complete Stories HC (Seven Stories Press 2017) Massive collection (over 900 pages) of choice fiction from a master storyteller. Foreword by Dave Eggers. $45.00

(Welcome to Nightvale) Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor – It Devours! HC (Harper Perennial 2017) Novel from the Welcome to Night Vale universe. Dark Fantasy. $21.99

Jane Yolen – The Emerald Circus TPB (Tachyon 2017) Collection of Weird and Fantastic stories from this multiple award-winning author. New takes on Peter Pan, Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz, Alice faces clawed death and much more. A great collection from a legendary author. $15.95

New Anthologies

The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories Vol. 2 ed by Jenkins & Cagle (Valancourt 2017) Valancourt Books has earned a reputation as one of the foremost publishers of lost and rediscovered classics, reissuing more than 400 unjustly neglected works from the late 18th century all the way to the early 21st. In this second volume of rare horror stories, the editors of Valancourt Books have selected fourteen tales – all by Valancourt authors – for this new collection spanning two centuries of horror. This volume features a previously unpublished ghost story by Nevil Shute, a brand-new tale by award-winning author Stephen Gregory, and twelve other tales that have never or seldom been reprinted. TPB $15.99 HC $29.99

New Comics & Graphic Novels

Dan Gearino – Comic Shop : The Retail Mavericks Who Gave Us a New Geek Culture HC (Swallow Ohio University Press 2017) Historic look at the beginnings of Comic Shops and the Comic Distribution Market. Fascinating (to me, anyway. DreamHaven and I are featured heavily in this book since we’ve been around nearly since the earliest days) look at how the comic book market developed, nearly died, and then transformed into the comic specialty market we know today. $26.95

New Film, Televisions, and Media-related Books & Magazines

Frightfest Guide : Monster Movies by Michael Gingold tpb (FAB Press 2017) From The Dark Heart of Cinema, this guide lists films from the 1920s through to the last few years. Film capsules illustrated in full color with photos, poster art and more. New guide : not to be confused with the Frightfest Guide to Exploitation Movies (also available at $24.95). $24.95

Syd Mead – The Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist 1st Ed. HC (Titan 2017) 250 page collection of Mead’s tremendous design drawings for such films as Bladerunner, Star Trek, Aliens, Tron, plus unmade features like the Forbidden Planet reboot, The Jetsons reboot, and many more. Includes work from Bladerunner 2049. Great stuff. Recommended. $49.99

Rue Morgue Library Vol. 12 : Movie Monsters – A Creature Feature Guide Featuring human monsters, nature run amok, shape-shifters, classic creatures, science gone wrong, aliens, and creepy crawlies from the darkest recesses of the imagination, this is a monster manual every genre movie fan should have. $9.95

Rue Morgue #179 Hellraiser turns 30, Vampyr, news, reviews, more. $9.95

Used & Rare Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks

Campbell Jr, John W. – Invaders from the Infinite reprint. 1st Ed. Later state. HC (Gnome Press 1961) SF novel. VG in GVG jacket; chips, tears. $12.00

Castle, Mort – Moon on the Water tpb (Darktales 2000) Collection of Horror stories. Near fine. $5.00

Clifton, Mark – Eight Keys to Eden 1st Ed. HC (Doubleday 1960) SF novel. VGF in jacket. $12.00

Cole, Adrian – Tough Guys tpb (Parallel Universe 2016) Collection of 3 Horror novellas and one story. $7.00

Glasby, Edmund – Death After Death tpb (Shadow Publishing 2016) Horror collection of shapeshifters, vampires, and Grand Guignol. Near fine; light cover crease. $7.00

Lafferty, R. A. – Okla Hannali 2nd. HC (Doubleday 1972) Incredible story of a buffalo of a a man, Hannali, who lives his outsized life with much humor and drama, described so vividly by Lafferty, that you’ll become a fan-for-life of this horribly under-rated writer. This book should be read in schools and anywhere that good storytelling is appreciated. I highly, highly recommend this work. VG; bookplate on front endpaper; in jacket. $20.00

Laumer, Keith – The World Shuffler 1st Ed. HC (Putnam 1970) SF novel. VGF in jacket. $5.00

Lockley, Steve / Lewis, Paul – The Winter Hunt and Other Stories tpb (Parallel Universe 2016) Collection of British Horror stories. Fine. $7.00 Mackintosh, Paul St. John – Black Propaganda: Weird Fiction tpb (H. Harksen Prod. 2016) Collection of dark tales. Near fine. $7.00

McCarty, Michael & others- A Little Help From My Friends tpb (Sam’s Dot 2009) Collection of collaborative stories by McCarty & others such as Charlee Jacob, Mark McLaughlin, more. Fine. $5.00

Rodgers, Alan – Ghosts Who Cannot Sleep 1st Ed. tpb (Wildside Press 2000) Collection of 5 Horror/Dark Fantasy stories plus 5 poems. VG. folded corner. $5.00

Rogers, Cameron – The Music of Razors tpb (Ballantine 2007) Horror/Fantasy novel. Fine. $7.00

Simak, Clifford – Out of Their Minds 1st Ed. HC (Putnam 1970) SF novel. VG in jacket. $25.00

Sladek, John – The Lunatics of Terra 1st Ed. HC (Gollancz 1984) SF collection from a brilliant and under-rated writer. Highly recommended. Near fine in jacket. $20.00

Tarchetti, I. U. – Fantastic Tales HC (Mercury House 1992) Collection of Fantasies by Tarchetti (1839-1869) . SIGNED by the editor, Lawrence Venuit. Fine in jacket. $15.00

Thomas, Richard – Tribulations tpb (Crystal Lake 2016) Collection of SF / Fantasy / Horror stories. Fine. $7.00

Williamson, Chet – The Story of Noichi the Blind 1st Ed. HC (Cemetery Dance 2007) Dark Fantasy novella. One of 1500 SIGNED copies. Published at $35. $25.00

Anthologies – Used & Rare Hardcover and Trade Paperback

Cato, Nick / Soares, L.L. (ed) – Dark Jesters tpb (Novello Pub. 2009) Anthology of humorous Horror stories. Fine. $5.00

Chandler, Randy / Mullenax, Cheryl (ed) – Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 1 tpb (CometPress 2016) Horror anthology. Fine. $7.00

Gable/Dombrowski / Wang – By Faerie Light Volumes One & Two (ed) (1 & 2) 1st Ed. HC (Broken Eye Books 2013) Anthology of dark and dangerous fairy stories by Cat Rambo, Jennifer Brozak, Ed Greenwood, others. Fine w/o jacket as issued. $7.00

Holesapple, Benjamin (ed)- Turn to Ash Volume 0 tpb (2016) Horror book/mag. Fiction, articles and essays, reviews, movies/books, art. Fine. $5.00

Holesapple, Benjamin(ed) – Turn to Ash Volume 1 tpb (2016) Horror book/mag. Fiction, articles and essays, reviews movies/books, art. Fine. $5.00

Kalanta, Nancy (ed) – Eulogies : A Horror World Yearbook 2005 tpb (Nyx 2005) Horror anthology with Ketchum, Burke, Hautala, Braunbeck, Golden, Laimo, Saville, many others. Near fine. $6.00

Lambert, Nathaniel (ed) – Malpractice tpb (Stygian Pub. 2009) “Anthology of Bedside Terror”. Horror stories. Fine. $5.00

Lundie, Catherine A. (ed) – Restless Spirits : Ghost Stories by American Women 1872-1926 tpb (U of Massachusetts Press 1996) 22 classic ghost stories from a wide range of women authors. Near fine. $7.00

Moskowitz, Sam (ed) – When Women Rule 1st Ed. HC (Walker 1972) Stories of Amazons fighting for dominance, a sort of early women’s rights story collection. Ironically, all stories are by men. VGF in jacket. $20.00

Muller, C.M. (ed) – Nightscript II tpb (Cthonic Matter 2016) Weird fiction anthology with Steve Rasnic Tem, Jason Wyckoff, Daniel Mills, others. VGF. $7.00

Wollheim, Donald – (The Viking Portable Library of )Novels of Science 1st Ed. HC (Viking 1945) Four complete novels; First Men in the Moon – H.G. Wells / Before the Dawn – John Taine / The Shadow Out of Time – H.P. Lovecraft / Odd John – Olaf Stapledon. VG in edge worn jacket. $20.00


I just got a large batch of Ace Doubles in very nice condition. Hardly anyone seems to want them anymore so I’m putting them out at less than the cost of new paperbacks. Most of these are 60+ years old.

D-31 A.E. van Vogt – The World of Null-A / Universe Maker 1st Ed. (Ace 1953)2 SF novels by van Vogt; Universe Maker is original to this edition. VG. $8.00

D-61 L. Sprague de Camp / Clifford Simak – Cosmic Manhunt / Ring Around the Sun 1st Ed. (Ace 1954) 2 SF novels, the de Camp is original to this edition. Near fine. $8.00

D-96 Andre Norton / Alan Nourse – The Last Planet / A Man Obsessed 1st. (Ace 1955) Two SF novels, the Nourse is original. VG+: bumped heel. $8.00

D-99 Leigh Brackett / Robert Moore Williams – The Galactic Breed / Conquest of the Space Sea 1st Ed. (Ace 1955) Two SF novels, the Williams is original. VGF; slight wrinkle on Aldiss side cover. $8.00

D-118 Jack Williamson / Charles Harness – Dome Around America / The Paradox Men 1st Ed. (Ace 1955) Two SF novels; the Williamson is original to this edition. Near fine. $8.00

D-162 Jerry Sohl / Miller & Hunger – The Mars Monoploy / The Man Who Lived Forever 1st Ed. (Ace 1956) Two original SF novels. Near fine. $8.00

D-173 Ray Cummings / Joseph E. Kelleam – The Man Who Mastered Time / Overlords From Space1st Ed. (Ace 1956) Two original SF novels, the Cummings from 1929. Near fine. $8.00

D-176 Margaret St. Clair / Thomas C. McClary – The Green Queen / 3 Thousand Years 1st Ed. (Ace 1956) Two SF novels, the St. Clair is original to this edition. Near fine. $8.00

D-358 Milton Lesser / Calvin Knox – Recruit for Andromeda / The Plot Against Earth 1st Ed. (Ace 1959) Two original SF novels. VGF; slight corner wrinkles. $6.00

D-443 Brian Aldiss / Manly Wade Wellman – Bow Down to Null / The Dark Destroyers 1st Ed. (Ace 1960) Two SF novels, the Aldiss is original. Near fine. $8.00

D-449 Gordon R.. Dickson – The Genetic General / Time to Teleport 1st Ed. (Ace 1960) Two original SF novels by Dickson. VGF. $6.00

Used and Rare Paperbacks

Carter, Lin (ed) – The Year’s Best Fantasy Stories : 6 1st. (DAW 410 1980) Tanith Lee, Brunner, Card, Leiber, Lumley, others. PBO. VGF; browning. $5.00

Conklin, Groff (ed) – Science Fiction Terror Tales 1st Ed. (Pocket 1045 1955) SF Anthology with Bradbury, Brown, Heinlein, Boucher, Leinster, others. PBO. VGF. $7.00

de Camp, L. Sprague/ Pratt, Fletcher – The Incomplete Enchanter 3rd (Pyramid X-1928 1968) Classic Fantasy novel first published in Unknown in 1941. VG. $5.00

de la Mare, Walter – The Return 1st (Pan UK 1954) Novel of supernatural suspense with a recently suicide possessing the body of Arthur Lawford who must deal withe the spiritual struggle with his family and friends. VGF. $10.00

Delany, Samuel R. / White, James – The Jewels of Aptor / Second Ending 1st (Ace F-173 1962) Ace double; two original SF novels. PBO. VGF. $8.00

Delany, Samuel R. / Williams, Robert Moore – The Towers of Toron / The Lunar Eye 1st Ed. (Ace F261 1964) Two original SF novels. PBO. VGF. $8.00

Garrett, Randall – Murder and Magic 1st. (Ace 1979) Collection of Lord Darcy Fantasy / Mysteries, one of the few authors to truly successfully meld the two genres. VG; scratch on cover. $7.99

Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael (ed) – Hottest Blood 1st (Pocket 1993) Horror / Sex anthology. 3rd of series. Tem, Shirley, Schow, Tessier, others. PBO. VGF. $5.00

Lee, Christopher (ed) – Treasury of Terror 1st (Pyramid R1498 1966) Horror anthology with “picture stories” (comics) based on Lovecraft, Bloch, Derleth, Stoker, others. PBO. VG. $10.00

Lovecraft, H.P. – The Weird Shadow Over Innsmouth 1st (Bart House 1944) First paperback of this classic Horror collection. Includes the Whisperer in Darkness, The Outsider, & The Festival. GVG; cover creases; front hinge has slightly separated. Overall, a reasonably nice copy and priced to sell. $20.00

Merwin jr, Sam – The House of Many Worlds 1st. Galaxy SF novel #12 – 1951) Digest. SF novel. PBO. VGF. $5.00

Nourse, Alan E. – Scavengers in Space 1st. (Ace D-541 1959) SF novel. VGF. $5.00

O’Donnell, Elliott – The Dead Riders 1st (Paperback Library 1967) Black Magic Adventure novel. Fine unread copy. $5.00

Padgett, Lewis (Henry Kuttner) – Line to Tomorrow 1st Ed. (Bantam 1251 1954) Collection of Fantasy & Science Fiction. PBO. Near fine. $12.00

Parry, Michel (ed) – The Devil’s Children 1st PB (Berkley Medallion 1976) Horror anthology w/ Lovecraft, Derleth, Bloch, Whitehead, many others. PBO. VGF. $8.00

Ray, Jean – Ghouls in My Grave (Berkley Medallion 1965 Horror collection. PBO. VG. $10.00

Rohmer, Sax – President Fu Manchu 1st (Pyramid F946 1963) Nayland Smith battles the King of Fiends. VG. $5.00

Rohmer, Sax – The Island of Fu Manchu 3rd(Pyramid X2481 1971) More Yellow Peril adventures with Nayland Smith. VG. $5.00

Thomson, Christine Campbell (ed) – Only by Daylight (Arrow 1972) Horror anthology first published under the title Still Not At Night. VG. $8.00

Vance, Jack – The Pnume 1st Ed. (Ace 1970) Fourth of the Planet of Adventure series. Jeff Jones cover art. PBO. Near fine. $8.00

Westlake, Donald (as by Curt Clark) – Anarchaos 1st Ed. (Ace 1967) SF novel, the only SF novel whit prolific writer ever wrote. PBO. VG. $8.00

Wollheim, Donald A. – The End of the World 1st. (Ace S-183 1956) Heinlein, Clarke, Dick, Hamilton, Coppel, A.R. Long. PBO. VG. $5.00

Used and Rare Magazines (Digests unless otherwise stated)

March 1945 Leiber, Asimov, Long, Geo. Smith. VG; 2″ split on spine. $8.00 December 1946 Russell, van Vogt, Padgett (Kuttner). VGF. $10.00

Avon Science Fiction Reader
#1,2,3 (1951) Merritt, Williamson, Wandrei, Long, Bok. Each is about VG to VGF. $25.00

Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader (1953)
Jan. 1953 (#1) Clarke, Jakes, Christopher, Harness, others. Near fine. $12.00
Apr. 1953 (#2) Clarke, Christopher, Vance, Jakes, others. Near fine. $12.00

Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy
Nov. 1953 (#2) B. Traven, Hunter, Jacobi, Chandler, Vance, Jakes. VGF. $20.00 Mar. 1954 (#3) Jakes, Chandler, Vance, Latham, Cox. VGF. $20.00

Fall 1952 (#2) Boucher, Sturgeon, Russell, Leiber, Bixby, Capote, VGF. $25.00 Sep//Oct 1953 Matheson, Sheckley, Bixby. VGF. $15.00
Jan/Feb 1954 Bradbury, Walter Miller, Budrys, Bixby, others. VGF. $15.00
Apr. 1954 William. Lindsay Gresham, Bloch, Bixby, Sturgeon. VGF $12.00
June 1954 Sheckley, Wm. Lindsay Gresham, Garrett, Shaara. VGF. $12.00
Aug. 1954 Lesser, Jorgensen (Howard Browne), others. VGF. $10.00
Oct. 1954 Lesser, Bixby, Gerald Vance, others. VG. $8.00
Aug. 1958 Dickson, Bryce Walton, Gerald Vance, others. VGF. $6.00
Sep. 1960 Biggle, Slesar, Garrett, Sharkey. VGF. $5.00

Fantastic Universe
Mar. 1954 Long, Budrys, Binder, others. VGF. $4.00
July 1954 del Rey, Long, Budrys, Farmer, others. VGF. $4.00
Apr. 1955 Budrys, Lesser, Classic Kelly Freas “Who” cover. VG. $4.00
Sep. 1955 Jacobi, Maine, Budrys, Hensley, others. VG. $4.00
Feb. 1956 Cooper, Merwin, Silverberg, Long, Jakes. VG. $3.00
June 1956 Ellison, Budrys, Reynolds, others. VGF. $5.00
May 1957 Nelson Bond, JT McIntosh, FL Wallce, others. VG. $3.00
July 1957 Wellman, Nourse, Derleth, Sheckley, Eschbach. VG. $3.00
Feb. 1958 Harrison, Scortia, Chandler, Mullen, others. VG. $3.00
Aug. 1958 Brunner, Harrison, de Camp, Ellison, others. VG $4.00
Jan. 1959 Harrison, Chandler, de Camp,/Pratt, Ellison. VGF. $5.00

Imaginative Tales
Jan. 1956 St. Reynard, Lesser, others. VGF. $5.00

#6 (Dec. 1956) Blish, Asimov, Lesser, others. VGF. $5.00

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
May 1955 Poul Anderson, Beaumont, Blish, Boucher, Dickson, Fredric Brown, others. VGF; browning. $4.00
May 1956 Kuttner/Moore, Matheson, Bradbury, others. VGF. $4.00
Jun 1956 Poul Anderson, Clarke, Bloch, C.S. Forester, others. VGF. $4.00
Nov. 1956 Heinlein, Dickson, G. Harry Stine, others. VG. $4.00
Dec. 1957 Sturgeon, Knight, Clarke, Heinlein, others. VGF. $4.00
Jan 1957 Zenna Henderson, Clarke, Poul Anderson, Dickson, others. VGF. $4.00 Feb 1957 Walter Miller, Wellman, Derleth, Clarke, others. VGF. $4.00
Mar 1957 Gore Vidal, Matheson, Sheckley, Bloch, Leiber, others. VGF. $4.00
Apr 1957 Leinster, Garrett/Carter, Oliver, del Rey, others. VGF. $4.00
Jul 1957 Oliver, Matheson, Davidson, Kornbluth, others. VGF. $4.00
Sep 1957 Dickson, Oliver, Bloch, Davidson, others. GVG; spine wear. $4.00
Oct 1957 Leiber, Matheson, de Camp, Lovecraft/Derleth, others. VGF. $4.00
Dec. 1957 Shirley Jackson, Beaumont, Dickson, Poul Anderson, Sheckley, others. VGF; browning. $4.00

Other Worlds Science Stories
Jan. 1950 (#2) Rog Phillips, Melva Rogers, G. Meyrink, others. VG. $20.00
Mar. 1950 (#3) Richard Shaver, Bradbury, Phillips, others. VG. $20.00
Sep. 1950 van Vogt, Temple, Ackerman, Evans, others. VGF. $15.00
Oct. 1950 Fredric Brown, Phillips, others. VGF. $15.00
Jan. 1951 Mack Reynolds, John Beynon, Wm. Temple, others. VGF. $12.00
Mar. 1951 Russell, Brown, David Keller, Sturgeon, others. VG. $10.00
June 1951 Poul Anderson, Bloch, Ray Palmer, others. VG. $10.00
Sep. 1951 Bloch, Russell, Ley, Brown, others. VGF. $10.00
Jan. 1952 Rog Phillips, Kenneth Arnold (Flying Saucers), others. VGF. $8.00
Apr. 1952 Byrne, McIntosh, others. VGF. $8.00
June 1952 Boucher, Jerome Bixby, Daniel Keyes, Palmer, others. VGF. $8.00
July 1952 Richard Shaver, L. Sprague de Camp, others. VGF. $8.00
Aug. 1952 Walter Miller, Shaver, C. DeVet, Evans. VGF. $8.00
Nov. 1952 Mack Reynolds, de Camp, Shaver, others. VGF. $8.00 Saturn
July 1957 (#3) Dickson, Derleth, Verne, others. VGF. $8.00

All of these titles are as new and all are only FIVE BUCKS.
Five Dollars $5 Five Bucks $5 Five Dollars $5 Five Bucks $5 Five Dollars $5

Michael Aronovitz – Phantom Effect tpb (NighShade 2016) Horror novel. (light crease)
Matthew M. Bartlett – Creeping Waves tpb (Muzzleland Press 2016) Collection Short Shorts.
Mike Chinn – Give Me These Moments Back tpb (Alchemy Press 2015) Weird Collection.
Robert E. Dunn – The Harrowing tpb (Necro 2016) SF/Horror/Fantasy adventure.
Justin Gustainis – The Devil Will Come tpb (Edge 2016) Collection of “Evil” stories.
V.H. Leslie – Skein and Bone tpb (Undertow 2015) Weird Fiction collection.
Matthew J. Pallamary – The Small Dark Room of the Soul tpb (San Diego Writer’s Monthly 1994) Horror collection. SIGNED/Inscribed.
Richard Thomas – Staring Into the Abyss tpb (Kraken 2013) Horror collection.
Paul Tremblay – The Harlequin & the Train tpb (Necropolitan 2009) Weird novella.
Michael McBride/ Tim Lebbon/Christopher Golden / Richard Lee Byers / Others – Snafu : Unnatural Selection tpb (Cohesion Press 2016) Anthology of Military-Bio-Horror and “Big Damn Animal” stories.

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