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I had quite a surprise about two weeks ago – I had a heart attack. It was a minor one with no damage to my heart but I did have an angiogram and a stent in one artery that was mostly blocked. I spent two days in the hospital mostly waiting for a spot to have the angiogram and being bumped by people who needed it much worse than I did (there were two “code blue” cardiac arrests while I was there). I’m in fine shape right now but we’re looking into ways I can mitigate future risks. I missed my annual trip to Los Angeles but I’m now preparing for MiniCon (here in town) and then the Windy City Pulp & Paper Show (in Chicago). So I’m staying busy and trying to change my diet a bit and exercise more (slinging boxes of books apparently hasn’t been enough).

Thanks for all your support and Remember to “buy independent”.




Tomi Adeyemi – Children of Blood and Bone HC (Henry Holt 2018) YA Fantasy. Zélie Adebola remembers when the soil of Orïsha hummed with magic. Burners ignited flames, Tiders beckoned waves, and Zelie’s Reaper mother summoned forth souls. But everything changed the night magic disappeared. Under the orders of a ruthless king, maji were targeted and killed, leaving Zélie without a mother and her people without hope. Now, Zélie has one chance to bring back magic and strike against the monarchy. With the help of a rogue princess, Zélie must outwit and outrun the crown prince, who is hell-bent on eradicating magic for good. Danger lurks in Orïsha, where snow leoponaires prowl and vengeful spirits wait in the waters. Yet the greatest danger may be Zélie herself as she struggles to control her powers—and her growing feelings for the enemy. $18.99

Paolo Bacigalupi / Tobias Buckell – The Tangled Lands 1st Ed. HC (Saga Press 2018) Fantasy novel. Khaim, The Blue City, is the last remaining city in a crumbled empire that overly relied upon magic until it became toxic. It is run by a tyrant known as The Jolly Mayor and his devious right hand, the last archmage in the world. Together they try to collect all the magic for themselves so they can control the citizens of the city. But when their decadence reaches new heights and begins to destroy the environment, the people stage an uprising to stop them. $26.99

Kelly Barnhill – Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories HC (Algonquin 2018) Collection of Fantastic stories for adults from the winner of the Newberry medal among other awards. $24.95

Steven Brust – Good Guys 1st Ed. HC (Tor 2018) Donovan was shot by a cop. For jaywalking, supposedly. Actually, for arguing with a cop while black. Four of the nine shots were lethal–or would have been, if their target had been anybody else. The Foundation picked him up, brought him back, and trained him further. “Lethal” turns out to be a relative term when magic is involved. When Marci was fifteen, she levitated a paperweight and threw it at a guy she didn’t like. The Foundation scooped her up for training too. “Hippie chick” Susan got well into her Foundation training before they told her about the magic, but she’s as powerful as Donovan and Marci now. They can teleport themselves thousands of miles, conjure shields that will stop bullets, and read information from the remnants of spells cast by others days before. They all work for the secretive Foundation…for minimum wage.

Which is okay, because the Foundation are the good guys. Aren’t they? $25.99

Lois McMaster Bujold – Penric’s Fox 1st Ed. HC (Subterranean Press 2018) Fantasy novella in the World of the Five Gods. SIGNED copies available. $25.00

also available : Penric’s Mission 1st Ed. HC (Subterranean 2017) SIGNED. $25.00

Samuel R. Delany – The Atheist in the Attic tpb (PM 2018) Two essays, “Atheist in the Attic” and “Racism in Science Fiction” plus “Discourse in an Older Sense”, an Outspoken Interview. Small tpb. $14.00

Charles de Lint – The Wind in His Heart 1st Ed. TPB (Triskell Press 2017) New adult novel. Young Thomas Corn Eyes sees into the otherworld, but all he wants to do is get off the rez. Steve Cole escaped from his rock star life to disappear into the desert and mountains. Fifteen-year-old barrio kid Sadie Higgins has been discarded once too often. Blogger Leah Hardin needs to leave Newford, come to terms with the loss of her best friend, and actually engage with her life. When these lives collide in the Hierro Maderas Mountains, they must struggle to escape their messy pasts and find a way to carve a future for themselves.

They don’t just have to learn how to survive. They have to learn how to fly. $21.99

Neil Gaiman – Norse Mythology tpb (Norton 2018) Fantasy stories loosely woven into a novel. $15.95

M. John Harrison – You Should Come With Me Now tpb (Comma Press 2017) Stories of Ghosts. Collection from the UK. $17.95

S.T. Joshi – Black Wings of Cthulhu 5 tpb (Titan 2018) Twenty new Lovecraftian stories of Horror. $14.95

John Kessel – Pride and Prometheus 1st Ed. HC (Saga 2018) Pride and Prejudice meets Frankenstein as Mary Bennet falls for the enigmatic Victor Frankenstein and befriends his monstrous Creature in this clever fusion of two popular classics. Threatened with destruction unless he fashions a wife for his Creature, Victor Frankenstein travels to England where he meets Mary and Kitty Bennet, the remaining unmarried sisters of the Bennet family from Pride and Prejudice. As Mary and Victor become increasingly attracted to each other, the Creature looks on impatiently, waiting for his bride. But where will Victor find a female body from which to create the monster’s mate? $27.99

Seanan McGuire – Beneath the Sugar Sky 1st Ed. HC (Tor 2018) Fantasy novella. $17.99

Edgar Allan Poe – The Macabre Tales of E. A. Poe 1st Ed. HC (Tartarus 2018) Very large (over 400 pages) oversize hardcover of all of Poe’s macabre work. Illustrations by Harry Clarke in b&w plus hand-tipped color plates throughout. One of 400 numbered copies. Beautiful production. $69.95

Kim Stanley Robinson – New York 2140 tpb (Orbit 2018) New York, Underwater, in the 21st century. Possibly not even fiction, Robinson gives us his views of climate change and its devastating effects on life as we know it. $17.99

Vandana Singh – Ambiguity Machines and Other Stories 1st Ed tpb (Small Beer 2018) Collection of SF stories. $16.00

Catherynne M. Valente – The Glass Town Game 1st. HC (McElderry Books 2018)
The Bronte sisters (yes, them) have invented a game, The Glass Town, an escape from the harsh reality of war. As the game becomes a reality, older sisters must rescue younger sisters from Napoleon’s army to keep England safe. $17.99

Jeff Vandermeer – The Strange Bird tpb (FSG 2018) A Borne story. $10.00

Mervyn Wall – The Unfortunate Fursey tpb (Valancourt 2017) Darkly funny adventures of lay brother Fursey who accidentally befriends the Devil and his minions in the very (pompously) religious Ireland in the 10th century. Scathing and silly, Fursey’s tribulations are both funny and touching. These stories were first published in the 1930s and fell into undeserved obscurity. Introduction by Michael Dirda.  $16.99

Mervyn Wall – The Return of Fursey (Valancourt 2017) $16.99

New Comics & Graphic Novels

Neil Gaiman / P. Craig Russell / Scott Hampton – American Gods HC (Dark Horse 2018) Graphic novel adaptation of Gaiman’s Contemporary Fantasy novel. Complete 9 issue series. $29.99

Moebius – Inside Moebius Part 1 HC (Dark Horse 2018) Highly introspective collection of comic strips by one of the 20th Century’s greatest graphic novelists. Full-color throughout. First of 3 in 2018. $39.99

Moebius/Alejandro Jodorowsky – The Incal HC (Humanoids) Long out-of- print, finally here’s a wonderful reprint of some of the comic field’s best work by two giants of the graphic novel field. 300+ pages. $44.95

New Magazines

Illustration #59 Harold W. McCauley, Jes Schlaikjer, “Romantic Science”, reviews and art news. $15.00

Illustrators #20 Franz Rimbaud, Ivan Bilban, “The Wanderers” news, reviews. $25.00

The Shadow #126 Two complete novels ; The Chinese Parrot and The Scent of Death plus a comics story from Shadow Comics #1. $14.95

Weird Fiction Review #8 (Centipede Press) Nearly 400-page annual journal with fiction and verse, articles and essays ranging from Horror Soundtracks to buying toys in Japan, reprints of tributes to Robert Bloch, Thomas Ligotti and King vs. Lovecraft, artwork from D&D and much more. An amazing production. Edited by S .T. Joshi. $20.00

New Film, Television, and Media-related Books & Magazines

Shock Cinema – some time ago I stopped dealing with a magazine distributor due to terrible service. Sadly one of the casualties was Shock Cinema, one of the most thoughtful and well- written magazines out there, featuring great obscure film reviews and interviews with lesser- known actors and directors. I haven’t carried it in a while but I finally got in touch with the publisher and got some copies direct. They’re only 5 BUCKS apiece and well worth the price. Here is a list of the most recent issues:

#48 : Richard Masur, Jane Merrow, M.C. Gainey, William Hjortsburg
#49 : Michael York, Linda Purl, Kristine deBell, Terry Carter, Steve Eastin
#50 : Saul Rubinek, Pepe Serna, Stuart Margolin, Paul Calderon, Richard Riehle
#51 : Dabney Coleman, Chris Sarandon, Tracey Walter, Mills Watson, David Hewitt

#52 : Jon Gries, Warren Berlinger, Larry Scott, William Morgan Shepard, Art LaFleur

#53 : James B. Sikking, Jane Alexander, Stacey Nelkin, Chris Ellis, Randall Carver

Used & Rare Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks 

Anderson, Poul – Vault of the Ages 1st Ed. HC (Winston 1952) SF novel; part of the Winston Juvenile series. Endpapers by Alex Schomberg, jacket by Paul Orban. SIGNED by anderson on the title page. Very Good in Good+ jacket chips and tears at edges; quarter sized piece missing at front of head of spine; half-dollar size piece missing on upper edge of back cover. $50.00

Blish, James – The Seedling Stars 1st Ed. HC (Gnome 1957) SF novel. VG; usual browning to cheap paper; in chipped and edge-worn jacket. $15.00

Bloch, Robert – Psycho II 1st Ed. HC(Whispers Press 1982) Sequel to one of the most frightening books of all time. Fine in jacket. $20.00

Brown, Eric – The Time-Lapsed Man and other stories 1st Ed. HC (Drunken Dragon Press 1990) Collection of SF stories, mainly first published in Interzone with one story original to this book. Fine in jacket. $8.00

Cady, Jack – The Off Season 1st Ed. HC (St. Martin’s Press 1995) Ghost story unlike most ghost stories. Recommended. SIGNED on title page. $20.00

Case, David – Brotherly Love and other tales of faith and knowledge 1st Ed. HC (Pumpkin Books 1999) Collection of weird stories. Fine in jacket. $20.00

de Lint, Charles – Memory & Dream 1st Ed. HC (Tor 1994) Fantasy novel set in de Lint’s Newford universe. SIGNED and dated “94”. Fine in jacket. $12.00

Halidon, M. Y. – The Woman in Black 1st thus. HC (Ash-Tree 2007) Collection of 35 ghost stories. Edited & intro by Richard Dalby. Limited to 400 copies.
Fine in jacket. $30.00

Holt, Tom – Goatsong 1st US Ed. HC (St. Martin’s 1989) A novel of Ancient Athens; first volume of the Wild Orchard series. VGF in jacket. $10.00

Jones, Lanyon – When Dusk Comes Creeping 1st Ed. HC (William Kimber UK 1985) Collection of ghost stories. Near fine in jacket. $20.00

Maberry, Jonathan – Wind Through the Fence and Other Stories 1st. TPB (JournalStone 2016) Collection of Horror and Fantasy stories. Fine. $8.00

Maynard, L.H. / Sims, M.P.N. – Shadows at Midnight 1st Ed. HC (Wm. Kimber UK 1979) Collection of 10 ghost stories. Near fine in jacket. $25.00

McAllister, Angus – The Canongate Strangler TPB (Dog & Bone 1990) Psychological thriller. Near fine. $5.00

Rhodes, Gary D. – Offed 1st. TPB (PulpHeroPress 2017) A Donald Trump Special. A rookie serial killer becomes a hero to the right by killing those on the left to “Make America Great Again”. Fine (or maybe, not so fine). $8.00

Sheckley, Robert – Dramocles : An Intergalactic Soap Opera 1st Ed. HC (Holt, Rinehart, Winston 1983) Historical romance meets Space Opera meets Groucho Marx? VGF in jacket. $20.00

Sheehan, Perley Poore – The Abyss of Wonders 1st Ed. HC (Polaris Press) 1953 Fantasy novel from Munsey Magazines from 1915. Numbered edition of 1500 copies in slipcase (no jacket issued). VGF in very sunned and rubbed slipcase. $20.00

Shrewsbury, Steven / Southard, Nate – Bad Magick 1st TPB (Weird West/ Necro 2017) Aleister Crowley meets Rasputin, among others, in this Horror novel of West Texas in 1901. Fine. $8.00

Sladek, John – Roderick at Random 1st Ed. HC (Kerosina 1990) Satirical SF novel of a robot who grew up to be a man…sort of. Sladek may be the most under-rated SF writer there is. Fine in jacket. $10.00

Sladek, John – Bugs 1st Ed. HC (Macmillan UK 1989) “America – The land of fast food, serial killers, corporate sleaze, high tech and high rollers”. Sladek at his sharply comic best. Under-rated and recommended. Fine in jacket. $8.00

Smith, E. E. “Doc” – Gray Lensman HC (Gnome Press “1951”) Classic Space Opera SF novel. Offset reprint of the 1951 hardcover original; states “First Edition” but it is not. VGF in VG jacket. $25.00

Smith, E. E. “Doc” – The Vortex Blaster 1st Ed. HC (Gnome Press 1960) Space Opera SF. VG; browning; in browned jacket. $35.00

Smith, E. E. “Doc” – Triplanetary 1st Ed. HC (Fantasy Press 1948) Space Opera SF novel. VG in Facsimile jacket. $25.00

Smith, E. E. “Doc” – Children of the Lens 1st Ed. HC (Fantasy Press 1954) Space Opera SF. Priority “B” binding as per Currey; Blue cloth with black lettering. VG; light wear at heel and board edges; spine lean; small sticker remnant on front endpaper; check marks on some listed Smith titles. Jacket is good; quarter sized chip at head; general chips and tears at edges/tips, soiling. $35.00

Smith, E. E. “Doc” – Galactic Patrol 1st Ed. HC (Fantasy Press 1950) Space Opera SF novel. Part of the Lensmen series. VG; spine lean; some sunning to bottoms of boards; in jacket with chips and tears at head and heel. $30.00

Sturgeon, Theodore – The Dreaming Jewels 1st Ed. HC (Greenberg 1950) Classic SF/ Fantasy novel. VG in jacket. $50.00

Taylor, Bernard – The Reaping 1st Ed. HC (St. Martin’s Press 1980) Chilling Supernatural novel. Near fine in jacket. $7.00

van Vogt, A. E. – The Book of Ptath 1st Ed. HC (Fantasy Press 1947 SF novel. Fine in red cloth with gold embossing; in VG jacket; rubbed and overall edge wear with a chip at head of spine. $50.00

Wallace, F.L. – Address : Centauri 1st Ed. HC (Gnome Press 1955) SF novel. VG; usual browning; in rubbed and worn jacket. $10.00

Warrington, Freda – Nights of Blood Wine 1st tpb (Telos 2017) Ten vampire stories set in her Blood Wine universe. SIGNED. Near fine. $8.00

White, T. H. – The Maharajah & Other Stories 1st Ed. HC (Putnam 1981) Collection of Fantasy/Adventure stories. VG in edge-worn jacket; closed tears. $8.00

Anthologies – Used & Rare Hardcover and Trade Paperback

Dziemianowicz / Little/Weinberg (ed) – Mistresses of the Dark tpb (B&N 2002) Anthology of macabre fiction by Oates, Weldon, Le Guin, L’Engle, Sontag and many, many others. Fine. $ 7.00

Engdahl, Sylvia / Roberson, Rick (ed) – Universe Ahead : Stories of the Future 1st Ed. HC (Atheneum 1975) SF anthology with Asimov, Bradbury, Nourse, Budrys, Dickson, others. VGF in jacket. $12.00

Haining, Peter (ed) – The Satanists 1st Ed. HC (Neville Spearman 1969) Horror anthology with Lovecraft, Blackwood, Bloch, Crowley, others. VGF in jacket. $20.00

Jones, Scott R. (ed) – A Breath from the Sky : Unusual Stories of Possession tpb (Martian Migraine 2017) 21 Horror/Dark Fantasy stories. VGF; corner fold. $6.00

Jones, Stephen (ed) – In the Footsteps of Dracula 1st Ed. HC (Pegasus 2017) First published as The Mammoth Book of Dracula in 1997 (revised 2011), this is a further revision with new stories and published in hardcover. Dracula / vampire stories by Christopher Fowler, Ligotti, Campbell, Cave, and many more. 650+ pages. Fine in jacket. $15.00

Kaye, Marvin(ed) – Masterpieces of Terror and the Unknown 1st trade. HC (St. Martin’s Press 1998) “Treasury of Bizarre tales Old and New…” Machen, Blackwood, Malzberg, Jakes, Many other old classics and other new writers. Edward Gorey cover. VGF in jacket. $8.00

Moskowitz, Sam (ed) – When Women Rule 1st Ed. HC (Walker 1972) Anthology of stories of women in power. Ironically, not a single woman author is present; David Keller, Wallace West, Nelson Bond, George Allen England. VGF in jacket. $20.00

Raisor, Gary (ed) – Obsessions 1st Ed. HC (Dark Harvest 1991) Horror anthology with original work by Dean R. Koontz, F. Paul Wilson, Dan Simmons, Joe R. Lansdale, Edward Bryant, and many, many more. Fine in jacket. $15.00

Rubas, Joseph (ed) – The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories 1st Ed. HC (Spectral Press 2016) Original Horror stories by Lisa Morton, Jason Brock, William Nolan, many others. Limited to 200 copies, this copy is marked “Ed”. Fine in jacket. $20.00

ACE DOUBLES I just got a large batch of Ace Doubles in very nice condition. Hardly anyone seems to want them anymore so I’m putting them out at less than the cost of new paperbacks. Most of these are 60+ years old.
D-150 Philip K. Dick / Margaret St. Clair – World Jones Made / Agent of the Unknown 1st Ed. (Ace 1956) Two original SF novels. Near fine. $35.00

D-403 Murray Leinster – The Pirates of Zan / The Mutant Weapons 1st Ed. (Ace 1959) Two original SF novels. Fine. $6.00

D-479 Poul Anderson / Wilson Tucker – Earthman Go Home / To the Tombaugh Station 1st Ed. (Ace 1960) Two original SF novels. Near Fine. $5.00

F-123 Robert Silverberg/Leigh Brackett – Collision Course / Nemesis from Terra 1st Ed. (Ace 1961) Two original SF novels. Near fine. $5.00

Used and Rare Paperbacks 

Farmer, Philip Jose – The Book of Philip Jose Farmer 1st Ed. (DAW 63 1973) Collection of SF/Fantasy. PBO. VG; pages yellowed. $5.00

Farmer, Philip Jose – Hadon of Ancient Opar 1st Ed. (DAW 100 1974) Jungle Fantasy a la Tarzan. Cover & illustrations by Roy Krenkel. PBO. VG; spine fade. $5.00

Farmer, Philip Jose – Flight to Opar 1st Ed. (DAW 197 1976) Jungle Fantasy 12,000 years before Tarzan. Cover/Illustrations by Roy Krenkel. PBO. VG. $5.00

Farmer, Philip Jose – Image of the Beast 1st thus (Playboy Press 1979) Two infamous porn novels, Image of the Beast and Blown. VGF. $7.00

Heinlein, Robert A. – The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein 1st Ed. (Ace F-375 1966) Collection of SF stories. PBO. Near fine; light interior browning. $5.00

Howard, Robert E. – Bran Mak Morn 1st Ed. (Dell 1969) Fantasy adventure stories. Jeffrey Jones cover. PBO. Near fine. $5.00

Leiber, Fritz – Swords and Deviltry 1st Ed. (Ace 1970) Three Fafhrd and Grey Mouser Sword & Sorcery novellas; Snow Woman / Unholy Grail / Ill Met in Lankhmar. PBO. Near fine. $10.00

Norman, John – Time Slave 1st Ed. (DAW 169 1975) Sexual Fantasy from the author of the Gor series. PBO. Near fine. $7.00

Sheckley, Robert – Citizen in Space 1st. (Ballantine 126 1955) Collection of 12 stories. PBO. VG. $5.00

Sheckley, Robert – Untouched by Human Hands 1st (Ballantine 73 1954) Collection of 13 stories. PBO. VG. $5.00

Stevens, Francis – The Citadel of Fear (Paperback Library 1970) Fantasy adventure novel first published in Argosy magazine in 1918. Intro by Sam Moskowitz. VG. $5.00

Susses, Lucy – Thief of Lives 1st. (Twelfth Planet 2011) SF novel from Australia. Fine. $6.00

Used/Rare PaperbackAnthologies

Benson, D. R. (ed) – The Unknown 5 (Five) 1st Ed. (Pyramid 1964) SF/Fantasy anthology with Bester, Sturgeon, Asimov, others. PBO. VG.

Conklin, Groff (ed) – Invaders of Earth 1st. (Pocket 1074 1955) SF anthology Sturgeon, Tenn, Russell, Boucher. VGF.

de Camp, L. Sprague (ed) – Swords & Sorcery 1st Ed. (Pyramid R-950 1963) S&S anthology with Lovecraft, Howard, Dunsany, Leiber, Kuttner, others. Virgil Finlay illustrations. VG. $5.00

McCammon, Robert R. (ed) – Under the Fang (Pocket 1991) Vampire anthology: McCammon, de Lint, Yarbro, Laymon. VGF. $6.00

Parry, Michel (ed) – The Hounds of Hell (Arrow UK 1975) “Dog” Horror anthology with Leiber, Bradbury, Wellman, Bierce, Campbell, others. VG. $10.00

Scortia, Thomas / Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn (ed) – Two Views of Wonder (Ballantine 1973) Original SF stories by Ellison, Sargent, Kurland, others. PBO.VG. $5.00

Used and Rare Magazines (Digests unless otherwise stated) 

Amazing Stories 

May 1955 Milton Lesser, Paul Fairman, others. VGF. $3.00
Oct. 1962 Poul Anderson, Kuttner. VG;light rubbing; stains back cover.    $3.00                                                                                         Nov. 1962 Schmitz, Neil R. Jones, Wilhelm, Bradley. VG. $3.00
Jan. 1964 Burroughs, Anvil, others. VG; light browning. $3.00
Jun. 1965 Zelazny, David Bunch, Poul Anderson. VGF. $3.00
Aug. 1966 Phil Dick, Herbert, Campbell, Leinster. VGF. $5.00
Oct. 1966 Poul Anderson, Walter Miller, Wallace West. Near fine. $3.00
Dec. 1966 Phil Dick, Brunner, Binder, Keller, Pratt. Near fine. $5.00
Feb. 1967 Goulart, Brunner, Wallace West. Near fine. $3.00
Apr. 1967 Phil Dick, Matheson, Tenn, Bixby, Herbert. Near fine. $5.00
Jun. 1967 Bloch, Gallun, Phil Dick, Heinlein. Near fine. $5.00
Aug. 1967 Vance, Sturgeon, Bester, Bixby. VGF. $3.00
Dec. 1967 Harness, Herbert, Neville, Bradbury. Near fine. $3.00

Analog Science Fact & Fiction

Aug. 1960 Reynolds, Anvil, Brunner, Poul Anderson. VG; sticker. $3.00

Sep. 1961 Harrison, Davidson, Garrett, Westlake. VG $3.00
May 1962 Donald Westlake, Bova, Randall Garrett. VG. $3.00
Sep. 1962 Blish, Schmitz, others. Near fine. $3.00
Jan. 1963 Dickson, Anvil, Piper. VG. $3.00
Sep. 1965 Reynolds, Dickson, Bova. VG. $3.00
Jan. 1967 Poul Anderson, Harrison, Laumer, Reynolds. VG. $2.00
Feb. 1968 Harrison, Poul Anderson, Walt & Leigh Richmond. VG.  $2.00

Dec. 1968 Schmitz, Poyer Schmidt. VG. $2.00
Mar. 1969 Anvil, Harrison, Dickson. VG. $2.00
Dec. 1969 Harrison, Scortia. VG. $2.00
Jun. 1970 Clement, Schmitz, Laumer. VG. $2.00
Jul. 1971 Dickson, Schmitz, S. Kye Boult. VG. $2.00
Aug. 1971 Schmitz, Poul Anderson, F. Paul Wilson. VG; sticker. $2.00

Jan. 1972 Anvil, Asimov, Pournelle. VG. $2.00
Dec. 1973 Goulart, Schmidt. VG. $2.00


Feb. 1946 Chandler, Padgett, Williamson, others. VG. $5.00
Mar. 1946 George O. Smith, Long, Padgett, others. VG; chip on top edge.  $4.00

Apr. 1946 Clarke, Sturgeon, George O. Smith. VG $5.00
Aug. 1948 van Vogt, Harness, Chandler, others. VG; small chips at head.  $5.00

Mar. 1951 Schmitz, Nourse, Williamson. VG; light cover crease. $4.00
Jul. 1951 Schmitz, Williamson, Dickson. GVG; badly chipped heel. $3.00
Aug. 1951 Walter Miller, Dickson, Simak, others. VGF. $5.00
Apr. 1952 Walter Miller, Cyril Judd (Kornbluth), others. VGF. $4.00
May 1952 Chad Oliver, Eric Russell. VG; small sticker catch upper right.  $4.00

Aug. 1952 del Rey, Walter Miller, Mark Clifton, others. VGF. $4.00
May 1953 Budrys, Sheckley, Clement, others. VG. $4.00
Jan. 1958 Herbert, Leinster, others. VGF. $4.00

Beyond Fantasy Fiction
Mar. 1954 Philip Jose Farmer, Randall Garrett, H.L. Gold, others. VGF.  $4.00

May 1954 James Gunn, Reginald Bretnor, others. VG. $4.00

Famous Science Fiction #6 (Spring 1966) de Camp, Laurence Manning. VG.


Feb. 1955 Thomas Scortia, William McGivern, others. VG. $3.00
Dec. 1955 Paul Fairman, Milton Lesser, others. VGF. $3.00
Feb. 1956 Paul Fairman, Randall Garrett, others. VGF. $3.00
Sep. 1958 Rog Phillips, Jack Milton, others. VGF; minor cover rub. $3.00

Dec. 1959 Poul Anderson (Flandry), Garrett, others. VG. $3.00

Feb. 1961 Laumer, Bunch, Sharkey, others. VG; sticker pull. $3.00

Nov. 1963 Le Guin, Barrett, Jakes, others. VG; light cover wear. $3.00

Jan. 1965 Brunner, Jakes, Bunch, Walton, Bryce. VGF. $3.00
Mar. 1965 Jakes, Wilhelm, Disch, others. VGF. $3.00
Aug. 1975 Lafferty, Haldeman, Malzberg, others. Near fine. $2.00

(The Magazine of) Fantasy and Science Fiction

May 1954 Heinlein, Anderson, Arthur Porges. VGF. $4.00
June 1954 Norton, Dickson, Michael Shaara, Leslie Charteris. VG $4.00

Nov. 1955 Sturgeon, Anderson/Dickson, Asimov. VG. $4.00
Dec. 1955 Anderson, Sturgeon, Wodehouse, Saki. VG. $4.00

Science Stories Vol. 1 #3 (Feb. 1954) John Bloodstone, Walt Sheldon. VGF. $5.00

Space Science Fiction V. 1 #1 (May 1952) Asimov, del Rey, Kuttner, Sohl, Bryce Walton. VG. $5.00

Vol. 1 #2 (Sep. 1952) RE Howard, Simak, Leinster, Pratt. VG. $5.00

Vol. 1 #3 (Nov. 1952) Michael Shaara, Budrys, del Rey. VG $5.00

Five Dollar $5 Five Dollar $5 Five Dollar $5 Five Dollar $5 Cheap Reads 

Daniel Braum – The Wish Mechanics tpb (Independent Legions 2017) Collection.

Frank Cavallo – Rites of Azathoth tpb (Bedlam 2017) Occult Horror. Fine.

Collins/Meyers(ed) – Evil is a Matter of Perspective tpb (GDM 2017) Horror anthology. Bradley Beauleau, Janny Wurts, Brian Staveley. Near fine.

Andrew Darlington – A Saucerful of Secrets tpb (Parallel Universe 2016) 14 stories of Fantasy / Warped SF / Perverse Horror.

T.E. Grau – The Nameless Dark tpb (Lethe 2015) Horror collection. Advance Copy.

Eileen Kernaghan – Wild Talent tpb Thistledown 2008) Supernatural story. Near fine.

Livia Llewellyn – The One That Comes Before tpb(Independent Legions 2017) SF.

Patrick Malloy – Shadows on the Bayou tpb (Bedlam 2017) Horror/Dark Fantasy.

Elizabeth Massie – Desper Hollow tpb (Apex 2013) Dark Fantasy novel. Near fine.

Richard Thomas – Staring Into the Abyss tpb (Kraken 2013) Horror collection. VGF.

Matthew Weber – Teeth Marks tpb (Pint Bottle 2017) Dark Fiction collection. Fine.


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Shipping within the U.S.
Shipping is $7.50 for any size order. This pays for insured shipping via USPS media mail insured. Rush shipping (priority mail, UPS 3-day, UPS 2-day, UPS overnight) will be more expensive. Your order will be carefully packed in a carton. Our preferred shipper is the US Postal Service. If you’re not home during the day, we would be happy to ship your order to your workplace or other alternate address.

Shipping outside the U.S.
Your order will be carefully packed in a carton. You will be charged exact shipping. The U.S. Postal Service has eliminated all surface mail services. Only airmail shipping (Priority Mail) is currently available.