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The Unknown Peter Cushing
McGlasson, Michael G.

PRICE: $14.95
FORMAT: 1st Ed. Trade Paperback
PUBLISHED: 2011 - Bear Manor Media

PAGES: 132
HEIGHT: 8.9 inches
WIDTH: 5.9 inches
ISBN: 9781593936655
ID: #New022812

CATEGORY: Nonfiction - film.

More than six years in the making, The Unknown Peter Cushing explores various areas related to the life and career of Peter Wilton Cushing with a focus on his familial acting legacy via his grandfather Henry William Cushing, his early stage career, and his life with his beloved wife Helen Beck Cushing. Often described as the "Gentle Man of Horror," Peter Cushing was much more than an actor, for he was also a talented painter, model maker, author, a lover of books and literature, and a poet. With chapters like "Rogues, Vagabonds, and Scoundrels," "The Life and Times of Henry William Cushing," "The Moon in June is Full of Beauty," and "Helen: The Poetry of Her Presence," The Unknown Peter Cushing reveals facts about Peter's acting ancestry via a journey through time from the early 1700s and up to Peter's early days as a stage actor when he met his "Helen," the guiding force of his life and the source of his creative spirit.

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