All web-works are works in progress

We are on the brink of going live with this new WordPress based website, and long past time for a new chatty blog post.

There is still a ton of things that the website needs before it will be truly satisfactory – starting with a couple thousand or so more entries in the Product list – but all the really critical parts are working. And there’s nothing like having a potential audience to provide incentive for massive amounts of updates.

Future blog posts will focus on a particular author, or publisher, or perhaps a sub-genre. They’ll be ways to help people discover more of what they may really love, or weave a path through the towering stacks of choices.

Rather than find more words to squeeze out into this update, I’m going to go upload more books!

Looking forward to next week

On Wednesday, May 25th, the Speculations reading series convenes once again, and the marvelous Eleanor Arneson will gift us with reading from one of her works.

I had already created an Event here on the website, and a FaceBook event, but my building anticipation prompted me to revisit her own blog over at

I hope you can join us!

The Challenge of the Mountain

The mountain of titles, that is.

With hundreds of thousand of SF titles available, and a couple hundred more being added each month, I struggle with which ones to add to the website here.
I started with one small press publisher – Tartarus Press – because they do beautiful books, are fairly hard to find in shops, and only have several dozen titles available.
Now it’s time to get serious about uploading far more of what’s here at the shop, and I’m not clear on just how to tackle that. Like any gigantic task, I’m sure the answer is “Just start. And go from there.”

Mark Bodé signing Saturday Feb 27th, 6:30 PM


We are very much looking forward to our next author event, as Mark Bodé joins us to sign copies of his new book Cheech Wizard’s Book of Me, which collects art from both him and his father, Vaughn Bodé.

If you can’t make it to the signing, we’ll be happy to ship you a signed hardcover afterward. The book is $29.99, and shipping will depend on the destination and speed, so let us know what your address is.

So much to talk about

Struggles with new website engine continue, with all the uncertainty and workload you might expect. Will the shopping cart function properly? How much and which sections of the store to add to the inventory lists? Will I ever remember where all the update controls are?

As with all large projects, at some point, ready or not, you just have to leap and then deal with requirements as they’re encountered. One thing I can start now, though, is writing up what’s going on, and soliciting for feedback.

Have any comments or complaints? You can drop a note here, or send me an email at I’m always interested in listening.

Lois McMaster Bujold Signing: Feb 3, 2016

Please join us Wednesday, February 3rd, as we celebrate Lois McMaster Bujold’s newest novel in the Vorkosigan universe. Set three years after the events in Cryoburn, Vicereine Cordelia Vorkosigan is setting up to make new changes to her life.

We are taking pre-orders for the book, and looking forward to a joyful event.

Dreamhaven Mentioned in Pulpfest Post

Pulpfest 2015-FlyerDreamhaven books was mentioned in a blog post on the Pulpfest 2015 website:

Dreamhaven will be attending this convention.

The article has a very nice biography of artist Jon Arfstrom, it has been reprinted here:

By the mid-1950s, pulp magazines had largely disappeared from America’s newsstands. Hence, even those creators who were first getting started when the rough-paper magazines of the early twentieth century were in their last days, have either departed this mortal coil or have a difficult time traveling in our day and age. For these reasons, PulpFest is extremely proud to welcome artist and illustrator Jon Arfstrom as its special guest to this year’s convention. We all owe Greg Ketter, proprietor of DreamHaven Books, our sincerest gratitude for helping to arrange Mr. Arfstrom’s appearance at PulpFest 2015.

Born in 1928, Jon Arfstrom has lived in Minnesota for most of his life. Largely self-taught, the artist also studied with the Famous Artist School, founded by members of the New York Society of Illustrators, and at the Minneapolis School of Art. Always interested in fantasy art, Arfstrom began to contribute to fanzines in the late 1940s, including THE FANSCIENT, FANTASY ADVERTISER, SCIENTIFANTASY, and SPACE TRAILS.

Working in a factory to make ends meet, Arfstom began to submit his work to the digest market around 1950, selling interior drawings to Ray Palmer’s MYSTIC MAGAZINE and OTHER WORLDS SCIENCE STORIES, William Crawford’s SPACEWAY, and Dorothy McIlwraith’s WEIRD TALES. For the latter, he also painted three covers, beginning with the January 1952 issue. He continued working for “The Unique Magazine” until its demise in 1954.

Following the collapse of the pulp market, Arfstrom turned to commercial art, producing illustrations for a large retail store
chain and art for a religious publisher. He also worked as a staff artist for a calendar company. Gradually, he became a major midwestern artist, holding more than thirty one-man shows, winning numerous awards, producing work for many institutions and private collections, and serving as the President of the Northstar Watercolor Society.

During the mid-nineties, Jon Arfstrom returned to the fantasy art field, creating dust-jacket art for Fedogan & Bremer, Haffner Press, and PS Publishing. Robert Bloch’s THE EARLY FEARS, published by Fedogan & Bremer and featuring both jacket and interior art by Arfstrom, won a Stoker Award in 1994 for “Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection.”

Beginning at 8:45 PM, on Friday, August 14th, and following our guest-of-honor presentation by author Chet Williamson, please join pulp art historian David Saunders for a short interview with fantasy artist Jon Arfstrom, perhaps the last surviving artist to paint covers for the original run of “The Unique Magazine,” WEIRD TALES. Mr. Arfstrom will also have a table at the convention where he will be displaying some of his original art. He will have a sampling of paintings and drawings, mostly from the 1970’s on, that he will be selling at the convention. His table will be next to the DreamHaven Books display in the PulpFest 2015 dealers’ room.

Please register as soon as you can for “Summer’s Great Pulp Con” to be to be part of this exciting event. A prepaid, three-day membership to PulpFest 2015 will cost $30 for those members who will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and $35 for those staying elsewhere. The price at the door will be $40. Although are host hotel is completely booked, there are still some rooms available through several hotels that that are close to the convention. Remember that PulpFest will be sharing downtown Columbus with Matsuricon in August. Please click here and you’ll find a link to a list of hotels to choose from. Afterward, click the red “register” button on our home page to be assured that you won’t miss this opportunity to meet one of the terrific artists who labored for the long-gone pulp market, Jon Arfstom, the last of the WEIRD TALES artists.

(The January 1952 issue not only featured Jon Arfstrom’s first cover for “The Unique Magazine,” but also August Derleth’s cover story, “The Black Island.” This was the final tale of a series of five connected stories that would later form THE TRAIL OF CTHULHU, published by Arkham House in 1962. Also appearing in the issue is a reprint of Anthony M. Rud’s “Ooze,” the story of a giant amoeba that originally ran in the first issue of WEIRD TALES, dated March 1923.”

35 Years Ago Today…

It was 35 years ago today that I opened the doors to my bookstore. It was called Star*Lite Books, later The Compleat Enchanter, and finally DreamHaven. I don't know where all that time has gone; I must have been only a year old when I opened the store since I still can't believe that I'm now eligible to join the AARP and get the senior menu at Denny's. I still think of myself as just barely out of my teens.

I'm in Cleveland at Cinema Wasteland. Next week is Minicon. Hope to see you there.

Happy April's Fool Day.