Caged Ocean Dub



Caged Ocean Dub by Dare Segun Falowo

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – May 2023 – 242 pages

This new collection of eighteen weird, vivid, beautiful stories by Dare Segun Falowo, rising star of African Literature, explores Nigerian life, culture and belief through the prism of the writer’s extraordinary imagination. The stories range from the historical slipstream of ‘Eating Kaolin’, to the gleaming horror of ‘Ngozi Ugegbe Nwa’, in which a strange and beautiful mirror wreaks havoc on the life of a young Lagos model, to the lysergic science fiction of ‘Convergence in Chorus Architecture’.

Falowo describes his collection thus: ‘These texts are mostly inspired by real events and/or emotional states, and were also fuelled by my love of indigenous cosmologies and pop culture symbolism. They were written in various caged spaces, where the pulse and ambient sounds of the world outside became, after a while, like arrhythmic waves crashing on the shores of my listening.’

Glittering and strange, deeply humane and percipient, these stories attest to the rude health of the new wave of world supernatural fiction—Caged Ocean Dub is in the vanguard of that wave.

About the author:

Dare Segun Falowo is a writer of the Nigerian Weird whose work draws on cinema, indigenous cos-mologies, pulp fiction and the surreal. Falowo’s short fiction has appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionThe Dark MagazineBaffling Magazine and others. Falowo has also contributed to the anthologies of black speculative fiction: Dominion and Africa Risen. Their lysergic science fiction epic, ‘Convergence in Chorus Architecture’ was longlisted for the BFSA for Short Fiction.


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