We Belong Dead Roger Corman Tribute


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We Belong Dead Roger Corman Tribute

Buzzy Krotik Productions – June 2024 – 110 pages

Brand new from the ‘We Belong Dead’ team – THE ROGER CORMAN TRIBUTE ISSUE!

A 110-page, large format, full-colour and lavishly illustrated special publication to mark the passing of possibly the most important figure in the history of modern horror and exploitation. Across his 98 years, Roger Corman directed classics such as The Little Shop of Horrors and Masque of the Red Death – he also produced dozens of drive-in and video store hits, and discovered numerous talented actors and filmmakers. Hollywood simply would not be the same without him.

‘We Belong Dead’ honours this towering giant of the cinema with our Tribute Issue, covering Corman’s acclaimed Edgar Allan Poe adaptations, hip horror comedies, crazy creature features, and much more. Highlighted by an unpublished interview with the man himself, this one is not to be missed.

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