Dark Detectives


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Dark Detectives edited by Stephen Jones

Mass market paperback – Titan Books – Nov2016 – 534 pages

Includes 15 illustrations by fan-favorite Randy Broecker!

An Anthology of Supernatural Mysteries. Eighteen stories of supernatural detective fiction, featuring sleuths who investigate fantastic and horrific cases, protecting the world from the forces of darkness. Each writer offers a tale of a great fictional detective, including Neil Gaiman’s Lawrence Talbot, Clive Barker’s Harry D’Amour, and the eight-part “Seven Stars” adventure by Kim Newman.

Introduction: The Serial Sleuths by Stephen Jones

Seven Stars Prologue: In Egypt’s Land by Kim Newman

Sister Fidelma: Our Lady of Death by Peter Tremayne

Charles Beauregard: Seven Stars Episode 1: The Mummy’s Heart by Kim Newman

Carnacki: The Horse of the Invisible by William Hope Hodgson

Edwin Winthrop and Catriona Kaye: Seven Stars Episode 2: The Magician and the Matinee Idol by Kim Newman

Solar Pons and Dr. Lyndon Parker: The Adventure of the Crawling Horror by Basil Copper

The Gumshoe: Seven Stars Episode 3: The Trouble with Barrymore by Kim Newman

John Thunstone: Rouse Him Not by Manly Wade Wellman

Titus Crow: De Marigny’s Clock by Brian Lumley

Richard Jeperson: Seven Stars Episode 4: The Biafran Bank Manager by Kim Newman

Francis St. Clair and Frederica Masters: Someone is Dead by R. Chetwynd Hayes

Reuben Calloway and Roderick Shea: Vultures Gather by Brian Mooney

Harry D’Amour: Lost Souls by Clive Barker

Sally Rhodes: Seven Stars Episode 5: Mimsy by Kim Newman

Marty Burns: The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence by Jay Russell

Jerome Rhodes: Seven Stars Episode 6: The Dog Story by Kim Newman

Lawrence Talbot: Bay Wolf by Neil Gaiman

Genevieve Dieudonne: Seven Stars Episode 7: The Duel of the Seven Stars by Kim Newman


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