Dark Folklore



Dark Folklore by Mark Norman and Tracey Norman

Hardcover – History Pr Ltd – Aug 2022 – 174 pages

How did our ancestors use the concept of demons to explain sleep paralysis? Is that carving in the porch of your local church really what you think it is? And what’s that tapping noise on the roof of your car…?

The fields of folklore have never been more popular–a recent resurgence of interest in traditional beliefs and customs, coupled with morbid curiosities in folk horror, historic witchcraft cases, and our superstitious past, have led to an intersection of ideas that drives people to seek out more information.

Tracey Norman (author of the acclaimed play WITCH) and Mark Norman (creator of The Folklore Podcast) lead you on an exploration of the less salubrious facets of our past, highlighting those aspects of out cultural beliefs and social history that are less ‘richer basket’ and more ‘Wicker Man’


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