Deadline at Dawn

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Deadline at Dawn by Cornell Woolrich

Trade Paperback – Centipede Press – Oct 2012 – 271 pages

Put it back…or else! Schoolyard taunt or adult threat, there’s always a time limit. Wait for the big hand to hit 12, accept the punishment or reward, death vs. a long, happy life.

The clock tick-ticks — desperately fast if dire consequences are in the offing; agonizingly slow if there are goodies to be claimed. But there are always obstacles to overcome, near-impossible feats to be performed. Make it a gal and guy, she a dejected dime-a-dance dame, he a timid and tentative thief. And yes, there’s the daunting question of murder and money. They’re not too friendly at first, but they find a bit of common ground, start to connect, and tip-toe on the high-wire of trust.



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