Dreads and Drolls


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Dreads and Drolls by Arthur Machen

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – Sep2007

A massive short story compilation from one of the masters.

Contents: ‘Introduction, by R.B. Russell, ‘Note, by Arthur Machen, ‘The Man With the Silver Staff’, ‘The Mystery of Mr Haddock’, ‘Ceremony on the Scaffold’, ‘Mr Lutterloh’, ‘A Lament for London’s Lost Inns’, ‘Madame Rachel’, ‘Sir Benjamin The “Baron” ‘, ‘Our Betty’s Day Out’, ‘How The Rich Live’, ‘The Highbury Mystery’, ‘Deadly Nevergreen’, ‘Polite Correspondence’, ‘How Clubs Began’, ‘The Ingenious Mr Blee’, ‘Old Dr Mounsey’, ‘Casanova in London’, ‘ “Doubles” In Crime’, ‘ “Characters” ‘, ‘The Euston Square Mystery’, ‘More Inns’, ‘The Adventure of the Long-Lost Brother’, ‘The Power of Jargon’, ‘The Little People’, ‘The Campden Wonder’, ‘Morduck the Witch’, ‘The Man From Nowhere’, ‘Before Wembley’, ‘The Strange Case of Emily Weston’, ‘The Gay Victorians’, ‘A Castle in Celtic Mists’, ‘A Tale of a Turbot’, ‘Chivalry’, ‘7B Coney Court’, ‘Concerning Cocktails’, ‘Mothers-in-Law’, ‘A Pretty Parricide’, ‘The Cry of a Captive’, ‘Our Funny Friends’, ‘Twins’, ‘Hungry Weather!’, ‘The Medicine-Man’s Magic’, ‘The Best of Everything’, ‘The Merry Widow’, ‘Knocking Legends To Smithereens’, ‘One Night When I Was Frightened’, ‘The Wood Family’, ‘Houses’, ‘The People of the Wild’, ‘Laugh When You Awake’, ‘The Little Brown Things’, ‘Shakespeare’s ‘Bare Bones’, ‘The Simplicity of Genius’, ‘Books that a Queen May Read’, ‘Society and the Savage’, ‘Those Doctors!’, ‘The “B” in Baconian Bonnets’, ‘The Scholar and the Sun-Myth’, ‘Dr Johnson’s Disappearing Act’, ‘When the Much-Travelled Man Comes Home’, ‘England’s Last State Lottery’, Bibliographical information.


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