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Do you need something to read? Do you like surprises? Do you just like getting packages in the mail?

For $10 ($2.50+7.50 shipping) we will send you approximately two and a half pounds of specially-selected lightly-used paperbacks in one of a selection of genres. That is between 5 and 10 books. There will be no duplicates, although this is not guaranteed if you buy more than one package.

The books will be shipped in a cheap but durable plastic envelope to make this as affordable for everyone as possible.

If you choose “random” for your genre, we will give you a random mix of genres. We can’t do children’s or YA titles as we really don’t have the stock in this price range.

Edited: Ack. I thought I had this all worked out. Sadly, I forgot the government needed their cut, so local orders will have an extra 19 cents added for tax. – Wendy

(Note: feel free to order as many of these as you wish. Send them to friends and family! But each will have to be done on an individual order. This was necessary in order to keep them $10 each.)

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Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure/Thriller, Western, Star Trek, Random