H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi From Yuggoth Audio


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H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi From Yuggoth and Other Poems, written by H. P. Lovecraft, read by William E. Hart, with music by Graham Plowman.

Insert book with cover art by Jon Arfstrom and Notes by S. T. Joshi.

Contents: Fungi from Yuggoth, Despair, Festival, Hallowe’en in a Suburb, In a Sequester’d Providence Churchyard Where Once Poe Walked, Nemesis, On Reading Lord Dunsany’s Book of Wonder, The Ancient Track, The Messenger, The Outpost, To a Dreamer, To Clark Ashton Smith Esq. Upon His Fantastic Tales Verses Pictures and Sculptures, To Mr. Finley Upon His Drawing for Mr. Bloch’s Tale, The Faceless God.

Even more information over on Fedogan & Bremer’s website:

H.P. Lovecraft's Fungi From Yuggoth and Other Poems



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