Hell-Bent for Hollywood



Hell-Bent for Hollywood: A Director’s Journey by Fred Olen Ray

Paperback – Retro Media Press – July 2024 – 312 pages

“From the unemployment line to the Emmys, Fred Olen Ray experienced it all. Riding the bus in near poverty, he became one of cult cinema’s reigning monarchs the hard way, one outlandish movie at a time.”
Brad Linaweaver – Mondo Cult Magazine

“His uninhibited, frank recounting of his colorful journey from fringe filmmaking to a long-running movie career which he describes as “swimming upstream” and “making something out of nothing” is a fascinating journey through a bumpy career initially carved from remnants of other movies, with a stellar supporting cast of psychotronic icons ranging from Ed Wood and Peter Cushing to Sybil Danning and Aldo Ray. And where else can you find out why he abandoned his remake of The Indestructible Man or how many movies he actually squeezed out of his hours spent shooting all-purpose footage of John Carradine?”
Joe Dante – Director of GREMLINS, THE HOWLING and PIRANHA


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