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illustrators Magazine – Trigan Empire Artists’ Special

Magazine – Book Palace Books – Jan 2024 – 128 pages

Celebrate all the fabulous artists who drew the iconic Trigan Empire comic strip that first appeared in Ranger and then Look and Learn from 1965 to 1982, a run of 854 issues in total.

One of the most fondly remembered British strips was the fully painted The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire. With its pseudo retro setting in a world resembling Ancient Rome, but with the advances of science in its weapons and flying vehicles, it set the standard in boys’ comics from the 1960s onwards.

But it was mainly the absolutely stunning artwork of its initial artist, Don Lawrence, that made it such a fan-favourite. We take a close look at the artwork and feature panels in detail from the various artists who contributed to the series. The majority of the artwork was scanned from the originals and reproduced at their actual size to see the artwork in all its glorious detail.


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