Innsmouth: The Lost Drawings of Mannish Sycovia


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Innsmouth: The Lost Drawings of Mannish Sycovia by Mark A. Nelson and Stephen D. Smith

Hardcover – Alaxis/Grazing Dinosaur Press – July 2017 – 192 pages

H.P. Lovecraft has become a legend among those of us with “darker” sensibilities. His Cthulhu mythos has inspired writers as diverse as Stephen King and William S. Burroughs. But what if there was more to Lovecraft’s stories? What if his settings were not so imaginary?

Illustrator and comic artist Mark A. Nelson spent years researching the legends surrounding the “fictional” town of Innsmouth, and discovered evidence that an artist named Mannish Sycovia  traveled from revolutionary Russia to Innsmouth in 1914 to create portraits of the Innsmouth elite. Following the 1927 demolition of the town by the U.S. Army following an aggressive bootlegging raid, the artist was never heard from again. Only rumors and fishy stories remained until Nelson stumbled upon a hand-made portfolio housing the lost drawings of the denizens of Innsmouth.

Illustrator-signed postcard laid in.


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