Lionel Atwill: The Exquisite Villain


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Lionel Atwill: The Exquisite Villain by Neil Pettigrew

Trade Paperback – Midnight Marquee – 2014 – 326 pages

Lionel Atwill: The Exquisite Villain contains a vast amount of new information which was discovered by author Neil Pettigrew on the controversial Golden Age of Hollywood star Lionel Atwill. Atwill starred in many classic films including Captain Blood, To Be or Not to Be, Mystery of the Wax Museum, Murder in the Zoo, Mark of the Vampire and many, many more. The biography also contains many never before seen photographs and was written with the participation of Lionel Atwill’s relatives, including a Foreword by Atwill’s son, Lionel A. Atwill.


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