The New Voices of Fantasy


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The New Voices of Fantasy edited by Peter S. Beagle and Jacob Weisman

Trade Paperback – Tachyon – Aug 2017 – 325 pages

What would you do if a tornado wanted you to be its Valentine? Or if a haunted spacesuit banged on your door? When is the ideal time to turn into a tiger? Would you post a supernatural portal on Craigslist?

In these nineteen stories, the enfants terribles of fantasy have arrived. The New Voices of Fantasy captures some of the fastest-rising talents of the last five years, including Amal El-Mohtar, Sofia Samatar, Maria Dahvana Headley, Max Gladstone, Alyssa Wong, Usman T. Malik, Brooke Bolander, E. Lily Yu, Ben Loory, Ursula Vernon, and more. Their tales were hand-picked by the legendary Peter S. Beagle and genre expert Jacob Weisman .

So go ahead and join the Communist revolution of the honeybees. The new kids got your back.



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