Orpheus on the Underground


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Orpheus on the Underground by Rhys Hughes

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – Jan2015 – 212 pages

Collection of 16 stories of the supernatural and macabre, fifteen previously unpublished. Illustrations by Chris Harrendence. Limited to 300 copies.


The Upper Reaches

Orpheus on the Underground

The Gargoyles of Black Wood

The Despicable Bungling of Yorick Porridge

Behind Every Ghost

The Ghost Written Autobiography of a Disembodied Spirit

Double Meaning

The Nick of Time

The Bicycle-Centaur

The Quixote Candidate

The Pocket Shops

The Concise Picaresque Adventures of the Wanderlust Bridge Рfrom Strange Tales II, 2008

The Phantom Festival

Not Looking

New Improved Recipe for Disaster

The Great Me


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