Perchance to Dream


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Perchance to Dream by Charles Beaumont

Trade Paperback – Penguin Classics – Oct2015

Twenty-three classic tales including five that he later adopted for Twilight Zone episodes. With an Introduction by Ray Bradbury, and an Afterward by William Shatner.

Table of Contents:

Perchance to Dream (1958)

The Jungle (1954)

Sorcerer’s Moon (1959)

You Can’t Have Them All (1956)

Fritzchen (1953)

Father, Dear Father (1956, also titled Oh Father of Mine)

The Howling Man (1959)

A Classic Affair (1955)

Place of Meeting (1953)

Song for a Lady (1960)

Blood Brother (1961)

In His Image (1956, also titled The Man Who Made Himself)

The Monster Show (1956)

The Beautiful People (1952)

Free Dirt (1955)

The Magic Man (1960)

Last Rites (1955)

The Music of the Yellow Brass (1958)

The New People (1958)

A Death in the Country (1957, Also called Deadly Will to Win)

Traumerei (1955)

Night Ride (1957)

The New Sound (1955)



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