Phantom Lady

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Phantom Lady by Cornell Woolrich

Trade Paperback – Centipede Press – Oct 2012 – 288 pages

Can you ever be certain that a dramatic, life-altering event actually occurred? Without corroboration, can the arresting and prosecuting authorities be convinced you were not there, did not participate in a heinous crime? They may question your memory, veracity, and sanity, but you know the truth, or think you do. It’s all right there in your memory banks — the setting, the time, your whereabouts, and others involved. Unless…No! The possibility it never happened, that you might be…insane…is unacceptable.

Cornell Woolrich takes the reader there, provides a palpable sense of gnawing uncertainty, helplessness, and fear. In the end, there is an exhausted acceptance despite heroic efforts to find a missing female whose testimony could prevent the preordained outcome…execution for a crime you did not commit.


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