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Saucer Wisdom by Rudy Rucker

Trade Paperback – Night Shade Books – Mar 2019 – 344 pages

Frank Shook, who lives in the hills of California outside Silicon Valley, is a UFO abductee, communicating with extraterrestrial beings who take him on wild flying saucer rides, zig-zagging through time to give Frank vivid looks into the future of humanity.

Frank’s bizarre claims are intriguing to author Rudy Rucker, who agrees to transcribe Frank’s notes from his journeys. The result? A fascinating, and illuminating account of the forthcoming evolution of humankind. From telepathy to time travel to transhumanity, from hardware to software to wetware, Saucer Wisdom, spanning two millennia, is a profoundly creative work of truly speculative meta-fiction, a catalog of the future as only Rudy Rucker (the award-winning real-life author, that is) could tell it.

A new edition, with introduction by Bruce Sterling.


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