The Science Fiction Fanzine Reader



The Science Fiction Fanzine Reader: Focal Points, 1930-1960 edited by Luis Ortiz

Trade paperback – Nonstop Press – Mar 2019 – 404 pages

THE SCIENCE FICTION FANZINE READER: FOCAL POINTS, 1930-1960 is the first mainstream book to go into the background of fanzine culture and shed light on how science fiction fandom has shaped popular culture. Editor Luis Ortiz with his sweeping knowledge and passion for the genre has mined thousands of fanzines to collect more than 50 essays by participants in the genesis of American science fiction. The book is a paean to the young writers and artists that would grow up to define the field. People like Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Donald A. Wollheim, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Silverberg, and many more. Throughout, Ortiz’s insightful text links pieces together, highlighting themes and offering background surprises that will delight both hardcore fans and casual readers of science fiction.



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