Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space)


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Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) edited by Catherine Lundoff

Trade Paperback – Queen of Swords Press – Dec 2018 – 296 pages

A anthology of pirate stories from the historical to the fantastical and beyond!

Table of Contents and story descriptions:

Ginn Hale – “Treasured Island” – Can a pirate marooned on a gloriously fantastical floating island find himself again?
Ashley Deng – “The Seafarer” – A Barbary corsair returns from an alternate world to face old foes.
Joyce Chng – “Saints and Bodhisattvas” – A beautiful woman hires a pirate captain to track her father’s killer through the fabulous waters of the Golden Chersonese.
Ed Grabianowski – “The Doomed Amulet of Erum Vahl” – A heroic pirate and her lover are stalked by an unspeakable evil.   Can they stop the end of their world?
Mharie West – “The Serpent’s Tail” – A Viking family encounters greater perils than a simple raid.
Megan Arkenberg – “Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea” – A wounded pirate risks capture by her greatest foe to save her shipmates.
Elliott Dunstan – “Andromache’s War – What happens when one of the widows of Troy can decide her own fate?
Geonn Cannon – “Rib of Man” – Captain Henriette Talmadge and her crew find an unexpected treasure aboard a ship they’ve taken.
Su Haddrell – “A Smuggler’s Pact” – A pirate ship’s second mate in a dire situation finds an unlikely ally in the swamps of Louisiana.
Soumya Mukherjee – “The Dead Pirate’s Cave” – A kidnapped child, an evil pirate and dangerous mechanical beasts make for a harrowing adventure!
Matisse Mozer – “Rosa, the Dimension Pirate” – How do you outwit a pirate when he’s taught you everything you know?
Caroline Sciriha – “A Crooked Road Home” – Can a young space pirate find redemption?
Peter Golubock – “After the Deluge” – Sail the former streets of post climate apocalypse New York City with Captain Teresa Chang and the pirate crew of the good ship Pizza Rat!
Michael Merriam – “Tenari” – A pirate crew tries to save a space freighter full of children from a terrifying creature.
A.J. Fitzwater – “Search for the Heart of Ocean” – Captain Cinrak the Dapper takes her crew on a quest for a jewel out of legend.


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