Scream to the Shadows


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Scream to the Shadows by Tunku Halim

Trade Paperback – Penguin – Jan 2021 – 346 pages

Unconfined to a single theme, this new collection of twenty short stories by Halim offers five distinct worlds. The paranormal mysteries from “The Occult World,” with its dark settings, reveal supernatural existences in the characteristic Halim style. “Fragmented Minds” open doors to the tales of the horrors of some twisted human minds driven by madness. Without the theme of supernatural, these instances of the human rationality falling apart evoke fear of a different nature. The third set of horrors is a reflection of our vulnerability, with its tales of how technology can be destructive at times. “Graveyard Voices” makes readers align their thoughts with the author, who wonders who all are watching when we walk by a graveyard and what thrilling rides they could take us on. The final set unearths stories that are influenced by the richness of Malay myths and legends, dark beliefs that may go back hundreds if not thousands of years ago into primeval past. Some are fast-paced, some are more leisurely.


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