Skyward Flight


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Skyward Flight: The Collection by Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson

Trade Paperback – Ember – Mar 2023 – 622 pages

Spensa Nightshade is gone. She disappeared into the strange dimension of the Nowhere to get the answers she needs about her Cytonic abilities.

But time is running out for humanity. The Superiority is determined to crus any who dare rise up against them, and the Defiant Defense Force can’t wait for Spensa’s return. They must devise a way to escape the planet on their own and find allies among other oppressed species.

Follow members of Skyward Flight — FM, Alanik, and Jorgen — to the outpost of Sunreach, and the planets of ReDawn and Evershore, in these three novellas that expand the universe of the Skyward series to new action-packed heights.

Once you’ve claimed the stars, can you keep them free?


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