Slow Death Zero


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Slow Death Zero: The Comix Anthology of Ecological Horror edited by Jon B. Cooke and Ronald E. Turner

Trade Paperback – Last Gasp – Apr 2021 – 128 pages

A revival of the legendary underground horror comix anthology, this one-shot 50th anniversary edition includes all-new comix by 33 writers and artists, with one classic reprint by R. Crumb, 28 stories and pin-ups to chill the bones in our temperature-rising age of global warming. Inspired by the ecological advocacy of the original title, which debuted on the very first Earth Day in 1970, this edition features horrifying tales depicting the environmental calamity facing our world in this time of climate change. The book is headlined by a savage depiction of the implications of the melting polar ice cap in Antarctica, by award-winning cartoonist/illustrator William Stout, who provides the cover. Also included is work by Richard Corben, Rick Veitch, Drew Friedman, Bryan Talbot, Hunt Emerson, Peter Kuper, and many more, as well as unseen work by the late, great Greg Irons.


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