Straight Outta Deadwood


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Straight Outta Deadwood edited by David Boop

Paperback – Baen – Aug 2020 – 368 pages


First there was Straight Outta Tombstone. Now we venture to an even wilder frontier town: Deadwood and its creepy environs. And to do so, here’s an all-new posse of top authors to explore it with. Charlaine Harris gives us a glimpse inside her new series as a tormented gunfighter faces a true demon of her past. Mike Resnick reveals what Doc Holliday thought was so funny on his last day. Jeffrey J. Mariotte introduces us to a man who specializes in pictures of the dead who won’t stay dead. Meanwhile, Jane Lindskold teaches us not to underestimate a schoolmarm when her students are in jeopardy. And Shane Lacy Hensley cooks up a stew that threatens to send all the famous lawmen in history to their graves!

These and a dozen more stories of how the West was wilder than any history book could contain. The West that once was rides again – but this time with the West that could have been chasing after like a spitting hellcat on its tail!

Stories by Charlaine Harris, Mike Resnick, D.J. Butler, Jane Lindskold, Shane Lacy Hensley, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Steve Rasnic Tem, Stephen Graham Jones, Derrick Ferguson, Frog and Esther Jones, Cliff Winnig, Jennifer Campbell-Hicks, Alex Acks, Marsheila Rockwell, Mario Acevedo, Betsy Dornbusch, and Travis Heermann.


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