Strange Tales Vol. III (3)


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Strange Tales Volume III (3) edited by Rosalie Parker

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – Dec2009


‘The Lammas Worm’ by Nina Allan, ‘Morpheus House’ by Mark Valentine, ‘Sanctuary Run’ by Daniel Mills, ‘A Woman of the Party’ by Elizabeth Brown, ‘The Good, Light People’ by Gary McMahon, ‘Countess Otho’ by Reggie Oliver, ‘Melting’ by A.J. McIntosh, ‘It’s White and It Follows Me’ by Tina Rath, ‘Yet No Greater Love of Promise’ by Joel Knight, ‘Divan Method’ by Eric Stener Carlson, ‘Party Talk’ by John Gaskin, ‘The Other Box’ by Gerard Houarner, ‘The Great Blind God Passed Through Us’ by Adam Golaski, ‘Her Father’s Daughter’ by Simon Strantzas, ‘Sister, Sister’ by Angela Slatter, ‘A Taste of Casu Marzu’ by David Rix, ‘The Solipsist’ by Philbampus.


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