Superfreaks: Kink, Pleasure, and the Pursuit of Happiness


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Superfreaks: Kink, Pleasure, and the Pursuit of Happiness by Arielle Greenberg

Trade Paperback – Beacon Press – July 2024 – 269 pages

Neither a how-to guide to getting it on nor a collection of sensational erotica, Superfreaks is instead an empathetic journey into the widely misunderstood world of kink. Lifelong practitioner and student of “kinky f*ckery” Arielle Greenberg draws on her study and teaching of BDSM and fetishism to

  • introduce kink’s history and trailblazing kinksters like Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Mollena Williams-Haas, and Tom of Finland
  • explain the science behind sexual fetishes
  • delve into the psychology behind power exchange
  • parse the politics of sexual deviance

Superfreaks is an accessible, interactive. and raunchy experience that invites the reader to engage their kinky curiosity. Written with folks of all genders and sexual orientations in mind, the book features resources like

  • quizzes readers can take with their partners to help assess sexual compatibility
  • sidebars with lists of kinky representation in literature, film, music, and more
  • an A-to-Z glossary of kinky gear, from collars and floggers to zentai suits and beyond

Superfreaks challenges and dismantles longstanding myths about kink perpetuated by pop culture phenomena like Fifty Shades of Grey and 365 Days. In doing so, Greenberg names the systemic marginalization kinky people experience and argues that we must build a society that accepts and celebrates sexual diversity of all kinds. The book also affirms the importance of consent and not “yucking someone’s yum”—key concepts inherent to the practice of kink that are essential building blocks for safer, more inclusive sex.


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