The Attempted Rescue


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The Attempted Rescue by Robert Aickman

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – Dec2013

Autobiographical work which goes a long ways toward explaining his “strange” fiction.  Reprints the very rare Gollancz first edition from 1966.  New introduction by Jeremy Dyson (League of Gentleman).

Contents: Foreword by Jeremy Dyson/ Proem/ The Misty Giants/ I Loom/ I am Born and Immediately Fall Ill/ My Father’s History and Disposition/ My Father’s Life as a Displaced Person/ I Begin to Read the Classics/ I First Realize Myself/ I Assume a Mask/ Mixed Friends/ Relatives are All Alike/ Relatives as Divinities. I. Their Domain/ Relatives as Divinities. II. Their Mores/ Splendours and Miseries of Childhood/ My Struggles at Schools. I. The Dames and the Prep/ My First Projects for a Better World/ My Struggles at Schools. II. The Big House/ The Illnesses and the Flights (I)/ My Second Projects for a Better World/ The Illnesses and the Flights (II)/ I Suffer from Loneliness/ The Great Flower of Light/ The Poet and the King/ Deaths of the Divine Relatives/ A Distant Star/ I Love and Lose/ Tableau.


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