The Desert Prince


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The Desert Prince by Peter V. Brett

Hardcover – Del Rey – Aug 2021 – 447 pages

An all-new story set in the world of the beloved Demon Cycle series. Fifteen years ago, humankind won a devastating war against an army of demons. They were led by a generation of heroes whose lives have now become legend–and whose children live in peace, but also in the shadow of their parents’ legacies. Darin is the son of the greatest of these heroes, a man venerated as a near-god. The world expects Darin to be just like his father, but he couldn’t feel more different: He’s a gentle musician who prefers his violin to the sword. Olive’s parents are royals from rival kingdoms who were also both once powerful demon hunters. Olive has lived a sheltered life in the palace, but soon discovers that they’ve inherited their parents’ incredible magical power… and a love for combat. Olive and Darin have grown up in a world that their parents made for them: one where demons no longer torment mankind. But there are signs that the demons have returned to the earth–and that they might be hunting Olive. Now Olive and Darin have to prepare to face this ancient threat… and to fight for the freedom to create their own destinies.


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