The Lonely Ghost


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The Lonely Ghost by Mike Ford

Trade Paperback – Scholastic – Jun 2022 – 244 pages

A haunting like no other. . .

At first, twin sisters Ava and Cassie are excited to move into a ramshackle old mansion in a new town. But any romantic ideas they had are quickly dashed. The house is dirty, dusty, and falling apart. Worse, it’s infamous around town as “that creepy old haunted house.”

When the sisters remove some wallpaper in the bedroom, they find child-like drawings of a screaming girl. Then Cassie starts acting oddly. Ava can’t put her finger on it, but she’s just not quite herself. And if Cassie’s not herself, then who is she becoming?

Ava’s never been one to believe in ghosts, but something creepy is happening, she’s sure of it. There’s a definite ghostly presence in their house– and it has set its sights on Cassie.


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