The Long, Long Good-Bye of “The Last Bookstore”


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The Long, Long Good-Bye of “The Last Bookstore” by Mizuki Nomura and illustrated by Miho Takeoka

Hardcover – Yen Press – Mar 2022 – 202 pages

With the untimely death of third-generation bookseller Emon Koumoto, a small Tohoku town loses its last bookstore. On the eve of its closing sale, however, high schooler Musubu Enoki shows up out of nowhere claiming that the late owner had entrusted him with all the texts in the shop!

As patrons come from far and wide to say their goodbyes to the store during its last week of operation, Musubu uses his ability to converse with books to reunite people with their most treasured tomes. But can these nostalgic, interconnected encounters lead him to the truth behind Emon’s demise?


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