The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Yokai


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The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Yokai: Ghosts, Demons, Monsters and Other Mythical Creatures from Japan by Zack Davisson

Trade Paperback – Tuttle – June 2024 – 287 pages

In t his book you’ll encounter a vast range of mysterious beings, from malevolent demons and chilling monsters to spectral ghosts and enchanted beasts. Davisson skillfully navigates the elusive realm of Yokai, shedding light on their mysteries and revealing their significance to the cultural tapestry of Japan.

Featuring iconic Yokai such as the enigmatic Amabie, the endearing Tofu Kozo, and the pitiful Kyokotsu, alongside lesser-known entities like the repulsive Akaname and the never before catalogued Kaiju, this book offers a comprehensive exploration of Japan’s supernatural pantheon.

Modern Yokai art by esteemed artists such as Lili Chin, Emi Lenox, and Peach Momoko breathe new life into the age-old legends shared within. Illustrated with over 250 color woodblock prints and paintings, and packed with interesting facts and entertaining stories, this book transports readers into a realm where the line between myth and reality blurs.


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