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Uncanny Tales by F. Marion Crawford with an introduction by Richard Dalby

Plus A Were-Wolf of the Campagna by Mrs Hugh Fraser and A Mystery of the Campagna by Von Degen

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – 2008 – 239 pages

Uncanny Tales is one of the classic collections of ghost and horror stories. Dorothy Scarborough, one of the earliest critics and connoisseurs observed: “few writers have equalled F. Marion Crawford in the modern ghost story. His tales have a curdling intensity, a racking horror that set them far above the ordinary supernatural fiction. They linger in the mind long after one has tried in vain to forget them, if indeed one ever does forget their sense of evil power. There is in each of his stories an individual horror that mark it as distinct from its fellows…”

This volume not only adds to the collection F. Marion Crawford’s ‘lost’ story, ‘The King’s Messenger’, but also further uncanny tales by his sisters, Mary and Anne. The former, Mrs Hugh Fraser, adds an account of werewolves in the Campagna, and the latter, Countess von Rabe (writing as Von Degen), two weird tales; ‘A Mystery of the Campagna’ and ‘A Shadow on a Wave.’

Editor and anthologist Richard Dalby contributes and Introduction to the life and works of this remarkable family.


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