Unsung Horrors Has Risen From the Grave


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Unsung Horrors Has Risen From the Grave (aka Unsung Horrors 3) edited by Eric MacNaughton & Darrell Buxton

Buzzy Krotik Productions – June 2024 – 329 pages

In this third volume of the Unsung Horrors series they once again take a look at some of the undiscovered, unappreciated or downright maligned movies of the genre.

There’s something for everyone here, from the more traditional werewolves and vampires (Dracula 3DCurse of the VampiresEvil of DraculaHowling IISilver BulletWerewolves on WheelsVampire and the Ballerina), to aliens (Alien 3Contamination) to slasher (Stage FrightThe RedeemerThe BurningTerror Train) to found footage (Rec 2The Dyatlov Pass IncidentBorderlandsLake Mungo) to black and white classics (The Leopard ManBedlam, The Cat CreepsThe Shadow of the Cat) to serial killers (Psycho 2Manhunter) to giant monsters (Godzilla Raids AgainCurse of the Black WidowRogue)!

Here you will find an eclectic range of movies from the days of the silents (The Last WarningDestinyThe Lost WorldThe Phantom Carriage) to more recent fare such as The Autopsy of Jane DoeSplinter and The Ruins. Each film is covered by their wonderful team of writers who bring their passion and enthusiasm and hopefully inspire you to give these lesser known or neglected titles a viewing.

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