Written with My Left Hand


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Written with My Left Hand by Nugent Barker

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – Jul2014

Collection of Weird, SF and Ghostly stories. 236 pages.

Contains: ‘Foreword’ by Douglas Anderson, ‘Bibliographical Notes’, ‘Curious Adventure of Mr Bond’, ‘Stanley Hutchinson’, ‘The Six’, ‘I and My Wife Isobel’, ‘Whessoe’, ‘Interlude’, ‘The Spurs’, ‘Death’s Door’, ‘Gertie Macnamara’, ‘The Invalid’, ‘Out of Leading-Strings’, ‘Mrs Sayce’s Guy’, ‘Expectation of Life’, ‘A Passage in the Life of Dr Wilks’, ‘The Strange Disappearance of Monsieur Charbo’, ‘The Thorn’, ‘One, Two, Buckle My Shoe’, ‘Aimless Afternoon’, ‘The Announcement’, ‘Crescendo’, ‘Life and Death of the Princess Gertrude’.


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