This list was typed up as quickly as possible off of photographs of our $3 book shelves, so author names may be missing where I couldn’t see them. Most of the books are hardcovers, some are trade paperback. Most are in very good condition.

Special shipping prices for these $3.00 books are: $3.00 for the first book, $1.00 for each additional book after that (within the US — International orders will be charged exact shipping).

To order, send an e-mail with your requests to We will send you an invoice in return, letting you know what is still available and the total cost.  Supplies are limited, but all of these books were available as of June 15, 2017.

Peter Ackroyd — First Light
Alexandra Adornetto — Von Gobstopper’s Arcade
Ania Ahlborn — The Bird Eater
Vivien Alcock — Singer to the Sea God
Brian Aldiss — Forgotten Life
Brian Aldiss — Cracken at Critical
Brian Aldiss — A Tupolev Too Far
Nina Allan — The Race
Aaron Allston — Terminator Dreams
(?) Anderson — Symphony for the City of the Dead
Howard L. Anderson — Albert of Adelaide
James G. Anderson & Mark (?) — The Stoneholding
Paul Dale Anderson — Abandoned
Paul Dale Anderson — Darkness
Poul Anderson — Orion Shall Rise
(?) Anthony — Hasan
(?) Anthony — Happy Policeman
Patricia Anthony — Conscience of the Beagle
Piers Anthony & Jo Anne Treusch — The Secret of Spring
Piers Anthony — Dooon Mode
Piers Anthony — Fractal Mode
Piers Anthony — Robot Adept
Piers Anthony & Robert E. Margroff — Chimera’s Copper
Kelley Armstrong — Men of the Otherworld
Tom Arden — The King and Queen of Swords
Michael Aronovitz — Seven Deadly Pleasures
Sarah Ash — Flight Into Darkness
Sarah Ash — Tracing the Shadow
Isaac Asimov — Fantastic Voyage II
Robert Asprin — Dragons Luck
A. A. Attanasio — Twice Dead Things
Jean M. Auel — The Plains of Passage
Roger Bagg — Expedition Beyond
Jeffrey E. Barlough — Strange Cargo
Jeffrey E. Barlough — The House in the High Wood
(?) Barringer — Joris of the Rock
Barrington J. Bayley — The Rod of Light
Alexander Besher — Mir
(?) Besson — Arthur and the Minimoys
David Bilsborough — A Fire in the North
John Birmingham — Angels of Vengeance
William Peter Blatty — Legion
Larry Bond — Cauldron
(?) Bortolin — The Dharma of Star Wars
David Bowker — The Death Prayer
Drew C. Bowling — The Tower of Shadows
(?) Boylan — The Planets
Marion Zimmer Bradley & Diana L. Paxon — Priestess of Avalon
Marion Zimmer Bradley — Survey Ship
Marion Zimmer Bradley & Mercedes Lackey — Rediscovery
Melvyn Bragg — The Sword and the Miracle
Max Brand — Murder Me!
Jay Brandon — Sliver Moon
Thomas Brennan — The One True Prince
Alan Brennert — TIme and Chance
David Brin — Heaven’s Reach
Damien Broderick — Transcension
Rosel George Brown — Sibyl Sue Blue
Jennifer Brozek — Caller Unknown
John Burdett — The Godfather of Kathmandu
Steve Burt — Oddest Yet
Steve Burt — Freek Camp
Meg Cabot — Overbite
Michael Cadnum — Saint Peter’s Wolf
Michael Cadnum — Skyscape
Jack Cady — The Night We Buried Road Dog
Chelsea Cain — Kill You Twice
(?) Calhoun — White Midnight
John L. Campbell — Drifters
Orson Scott Card — Seventh Son
Orson Scott Card & Kathryn H. Kidd — Lovelock
Orson Scott Card — Alvin Journeyman
Jonathan Carroll — Glass Soup
Tom Cardamore — Green Thumb
Amy Sterling Casil — Imago
Carlos Casteneda — The Second Ring of Power
Mark Chadbourn — World’s End
Mark Chadbourn — The Silver Skull
Jack L. Chalker — The Run to Chaos Keep
Ann Chamberlin — The Merlin of the Oak Wood
Joy Chant — The Grey Mane of Morning
Suzy McKee Charnas — The Furies
Deepak Chopra — The Return of Merlin
Scott Ciencin — Rogue’s Hour
Arthur C. Clarke & Gregory Benford — Beyond the Fall of Night
Arthur C. Clarke — Expedition to Earth
Arthur C. Clarke — Reach for Tomorrow
Arthur C. Clarke — 2010: Odyssey Two
Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter — The Light of Other Days
Arthur C. Clarke & Mike McQuay — Richter 10
Douglas Clegg — The Lady of Serpents
Aeron Clement — The Cold Moons
Ray Cluley — Probably Monsters
Michael Cobley — Shadowkings
Michael Cobley — Iron Mosaic
Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy — World Without End
Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy — The Broken Sword
Andrei Codrescu — The Blood Countess
David B. Coe — Shapers of Darkness
Allan Cole — The Warrior Returns
Allan Cole & Chris Bunch — The Warrior’s Tale
(?) Collins — Mockingjay
Paul Collins — The Skyborn
D.G. Compton — The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe
Michael Greatrex Coney — King of the Scepter’d Isle
Storm Constantine — The Crown of Silence
Tom Cool — Secret Realms
Brenda Cooper — Reading the Wind
Robert Coover — Noir
Alfred Coppel — Glory’s War
Bernard Cornwell — Wildtrack
Mark Costello — Big If
Gary Couzens — Second Contact
(?) Cr* — Prisoners of Paradise
Gwyneth Cravens — Speed of Light
Michael Crichton — Next
Moira Crone — The Not Yet
Ronald Anthony Cross — The White Guardian
John Crowley — Novelty
John Crowley — Monomania
Brian Cullen — Seekers of the Chalice
Nick Cutter — The Troop
Julie Czerneda — Ties of Power
Daniel da Cruz — Texas Triumphant
John Dalmas — The Regiment: A Trilogy
Raven Dane — Death’s Dark Wings
Cecelia Dart-Thornton — The Ill-Made Mute
James E. David — Footprints of Thunder
Grania Davis — Moonbird
Lauren B. Davis — Against a Darkening Sky
Norbert Davis — The Mouse in the Mountain
(?) DeAndrea — The Lunatic Fringe
Rob DeBorde — Portlandtown
L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt — Wall of Serpents
Rick DeMarinis — The Mortician’s Apprentice
Kathleen Dexter — Fifth Life of the Catwoman
Gordon Dickson — Way of the Pilgrim
Gordon Dickson — Home From the Shore
Gordon Dickson — The Spirit of Dorsai
Gordon Dickson — Time Storm
Gordon Dickson — The Magnificent Wilf
Gordon Dickson — The Dragon Knight
Craig DiLouie — Suffer the Children
Thomas M. Disch — The Priest
Thomas M. Disch — The M.D.
Stephen D* — The Church of Dead Girls
Ronlyn Domingue — The Mapmaker’s War
Stephen R. Donaldson — Daughter of Regals & Other Tales
Marcos Donnelly — Letters From the Flesh
(re: David Drake) Mark L. Van Name — Onward, Drake!
L. Timmel Duchamp — Love’s Body, Dancing in Time
David Farland — The Lair of Bones
Philip Jose Farmer — Dayworld
Philip Jose Farmer — The Magic Labyrinth
Christine Feehan — Dark Prince
Raymond E. Feist — King of Foxes
Raymond E. Feist — Prince of the Blood
Gemma Files — Experimental Film
Gemma Files — A Rope of Thorns
Sheila Finch — Reading the Bones
Jack Finney — From Time to Time
Jack FInney — 3 by Finney
Michael Flynn — Rogue Star
William Forstchen — Pillar to the Sky
Andrew Fox — Fat White Vampire Blues
Richard Francis — Blackpool Vanishes
Pamela Freeman — Full Circle
Nicci French — Blue Monday
C.S. Friedman — When True Night Falls
Mark Frost — The 6 Messiahs
Dan Gallagher — The Pleistocene Redemption
Eric Garcia — Casual Rex
Eric Garcia — Hot and Sweaty Rex
Craig Shaw Gardner — Dragon Sleeping
Craig Shaw Gardner — Dragon Burning
Henry Garfield — Moondog
Peter George — Commander-1
Tess Gerritsen — The Surgeon
(?) Gilmore — The Exchange Student
Sephera Giron — Eternal Sunset
Parke Godwin — The Snake Oil Wars
Parke Godwin — Waiting for the Galactic Bus
Christopher Golden — The Lost Ones
Christoper Golden & Tim Lebbon — Mind the Gap
Manuel Gonzales — The Miniature Wife
Terry Goodkind — Soul of the Fire
Terry Goodkind — Chainfire
Kathleen Ann Goonan — Mississippi Blues
Angelica Gorodischer — Kalpa Imperial
Phyllis Gotlieb — Heart of Red Iron
Daniel Graham, Jr. — The Gatekeepers
Ian Graham — Monument
Richard Grant — Tex and Molly in the Afterlife
(?) Gray — Stargazer
Roland Green — Conan at the Demon’s Gate
Terence M. Green — Sailing Time’s Ocean
(?) Greenburg — Secrets of Dripping Fang
Terry Greenhough — Time and Timothy Grenville
Ed Greenwood — The Dragon’s Doom
Ed Greenwood — Dark Vengeance
Ed Greenwood — The Silent House
Gary Greenwood — Jigsaw Men
Lois H. Gresh & Robert Weinberg — Termination Node
John Gribbin — Blinded by the Light
Todd Grimson — Stabs at Happiness
Damien Walters Grintails — Ink
Dave Grossman & Leo Frankowski — The Two-Space War
(?) Haarsma — The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1
James L. Halperin — The Truth Machine
Laurell K. Hamilton — Strange Candy
Will Hanson — Smoke in the Wind
(?) Harding — Misplaced Persons
Traci Harding — Being of the Field
Simon Harding — Streamskelter
(?) Harington — The Cockroaches of Stay More
Lisa Harrington — Live to Tell
Anne Harris — Accidental Creatures
Robert Harris — Fatherland
Harry Harrison — Bill the Galactic Hero
Harry Harrison — Stars and Stripes in Peril
Kim Harrison — White Witch, Black Curse
Kim Harrison — Pale Demon
(?) Harvey — Warhaven
Amber Hayward — The Healer
Robert A. Heinlein — Job: A Comedy of Justice
Patrick Hemstreet — The God Wave
Barb & J.C. Hendee — In Shade and Shadow
Arthur Herzog — Make us Happy
Sheila Heti — The Middle Stories
Diana Hignutt — Moonsword
Paul Hillyard — The Book of the Spider
Michael Hoeye — Time Stops for No Mouse
(?) Hoffmann — The Best Tales of Hoffmann
James P. Hogan — The Multiplex Man
Bruce T. Holmes — Anvil of the Heart
Cecelia Holland — Pillar of the Sky
Cecelia Holland — The High City
Nalo Hopkinson — Sister Mine
Sarah A. Hoyt — All Night Awake
Sarah A. Hoyt — Crawling Between Heaven and Earth
Jason Hrivnak — The Plight House
Monica Hughes — Devil on My Back
Stephen Hunt — The Rise of the Iron Moon
(?) Hunting — The Vicarion
Bowie Ibarra — Down the Road
Rachel Ingalls — Mrs. Caliban
Harvey Jacobs — The Egg of the Glak
Marie Jakober — Even the Stones
(?) James — Dark Heart
Roby James — Beyond the Hedge
Liz Jensen — Uninvited
(?) Jeury — Chronolysis
Adam Johnson — Parasites Like Us
Oliver Johnson — The Forging of the Shadows
Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett — Steelhands
Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett — Dragon Soul
J.V. Jones — A Cavern of Black Ice
Scott R. Jones — When the Stars are Right
(?) Jordan — Hell’s Doctor
Paul Kane — Sleeper(s)
Alma Katsu — The Reckoning
Marvin Kaye & Parke Godwin — Wintermind
Paul Kearney — Hawkwood’s Voyage
Erin Kelly — The Dark Rose
Leo P. Kelley — Time: 110100
Jasper Kent — The Third Section
Nate Kenyon — Prime
Sherrilyn Kenyon — Born of Shadows
Katharine Kerr — A Time of Exile
Greg Keyes — Lord of Souls
J. Gregory Keyes — The Waterborn
J. Gregory Keyes — Empire of Unreason
Buzz King — Silicon Songs
Stephen King — Needful Things
Stephen King — The Dark Half
Russell Kirkpatrick — Beyond the Wall of Time
Caitlin Kittredge — Grim Tidings
Andrew Klavan — Hunting Down Amanda
Dean Koontz — Strange Highways
M. F. Korn — Swamp Witch Piquante and Scream Queen Bisque (Over a Bed of Rice)
Ted Kosmatka — The Games
(?) Kress — Brain Rose
Nancy Kress — Maximum Light
(?) Krumwiede — True Son
Katherine Kurtz — King Javan’s Year
H.B. Kur* — Chocolatiers of the High Winds
Mercedes Lackey — The Eagle and the Nightingale
Mercedes Lackey & Roberta Gellis — This Scepter’d Isle
Marc Laidlaw — Kalifornia
Geoffrey A. Landis — Mars Crossing
(?) Landy — Skulduggery Pleasant
Keith Laumer — Retief to the Rescue
Keith Laumer — Future Imperfect
Stephen R. Lawhead — Merlin
Edward Lazellari — The Lost Prince
Pauline Le Bel — The Song Spinner
Tim Lebbon & Gavin Williams — Hush
Tanith Lee — Elephantasm
Tanith Lee — Wolf Star
Elmore Leonard — Touch
Edward M. Lerner — Energized
Gaston Leroux — The Phantom of the Opera
Paul Levinson — The Consciousness Plague
Roger Levy — Dark Heavens
Jim Lewis — Why the Tree Loves the Ax
Shariann Lewitt — Memento Mori
Morgan Llywelyn & Michael Scott — Silverhand
Susan M. MacDonald — Edge of Time
Ian R. MacLeod — The Great Wheel
Jack Maddox — Necrophagus
Lisa Mason — Cyber Web
Julian May — Jack the Bodiless
Julian May — Sorcerer’s Moon
Paul McAuley — The Quiet War
Paul McAuley — Eternal Light
Anne McCaffrey — Damia
Anne McCaffrey — Pegasus in Flight
(?) McGrath — Spider
Janet & Chris Morris — Trust Territory
Andre Norton and A.C. Crispin — Gryphon’s Eyrie
Robert B. Parker — Painted Ladies
Irene Radford — Guardian of the Freedom
Anne Rice — Servant of the Bones
Joel Rosenberg — Hero
R.A. Salvatore — The Lone Drow
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough — The Godmother’s Web
Glenn R. Sixbury — Legacy
Joseph Skiseli — A Blessing on the Moon
L. Neil Smith — The American Zone
Mark Allen Smith — The Inquisitor
(?) Stirling — When My Heart Was Wicked
Kate Summerscale — The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher
Joan D. Vinge — World’s End
Stuart Woods — Worst Fears Realized
Stuart Woods — Heat