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The DreamHaven Staff
Greg Ketter - DreamHaven owner, publisher, Captain-my-captain, and proud father of the prophet William (see photo). Greg is our rare and collectible book expert, and puts his lifelong love of classic horror and monster films to good use with our assortment of film-related books and magazines. To see a photo of Greg at the exact moment he realized he was a bookseller, click here.
Elizabeth LaVelle - Store manager and new book buyer. Now also in charge of maintaining the website. Favorite authors: Terry Pratchett and Laurie J. Marks (among a long list of others). Loves pet rats. To see a picture of Elizabeth in her natural habitat, click here.
Lance 'Squiddie' Smith - Games guy and long-suffering master of the arcane art of comics ordering.
Richard Stegall - The most apologetic member of the staff. Has a special affinity for cardboard and packing tape, which comes in handy when he's packing our mail orders.
Bob Lipski - The resident cartoonist and comics expert. His site is uptowngirlcomics.com.
For an example of what bob does during one of his long industrious work days click here.
E.V. Möebius - Like the artist (or the mathematician), only not. Currently employed by the Great Brown Package Empire (U.P.S.), but still fills in occasionally at the store and performs arcane rituals of website development.
Garth Danielson - Long time staffer and SF fan. Our only Canadian ... Eh?
Simba Blood - Here's why Simba is no longer answering your Mail Order calls. Her fascination with muck and bugs has driven her away from full time employment here and into the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District.

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Peder D. Wagtskjold

Peder D. Wagtskjold, age 41, of New Hope, Minnesota, bookseller extraordinaire and avid book collector, died on Monday, June 6, from complications of a short illness. He worked at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis for nearly 12 years, and more recently ran his own bookselling venture, PDW Books, specializing in ghost stories, weird fiction and Arkham House titles.

An obituary appears in the Wednesday Minneapolis Star-Tribune.