San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, and World Con is almost upon us. We’re almost out of summer! And what has been happening this summer? Well, Greg has been travelling all over and collecting more goodies for the store. We’ve had vintage collections of comics, toys and MAD magazines added to our stock. Our children’s section has expanded, as we’re seeing a lot more kids come through lately. And there is so much out there for the younger readers that is good these days! The neighborhood is expanding too. Colossal Cafe has moved in a block down from us and seems to be packed for brunch on the weekends.  I’m eagerly awaiting the official arrival of Sisters’ Sludge some time this month, as they have closed down their Bloomington Ave. location and are renovating a shop kitty-corner from us for their coffee shop *and new wine bar*!

My big focus continues to be trying to figure out the ways of the website. In trying to figure out what people want to see on the website, I learned how to see what people were searching for when they got here. (No worries — I can’t see *who* is searching.) I’m trying to pay a bit more attention to that. For example, if you search for an author, I will try to get more of that author’s work on the site. A recent search for “Anansi Boys” clued me in that we didn’t have it on the site. (Big OOPS!) Several searches for “From Among the Dead” had me stumped, until I put it together with the search for “Boileau” and realized that was one of the English titles for the French novel that was the inspiration for the movie Vertigo. I’m sure you all realized that, but it took me some effort. Fun, though. Now we have Vertigo on the website.  If we don’t have something on the website, though, it’s still faster to drop us an e-mail at and ask.

One extra note — I’m also trying to pay a little more attention to where people are coming from on the internet. We get a *ton* of traffic from Neil Gaiman websites, but occasionally other places link to us. Hello to the folks from the Pulp Cons, and from the Vintage Porn sites! We have lots of pulp and vintage porn in the store, we are just limited in the amount of time available to get things on the website. Also, I think the vintage porn would need to be behind something with an age statement, and I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. But until I do, feel free to drop us a note at asking about what we have! Some of the pulp titles are on our Magazine Back Issues page.

As always, the very best way to find out what we have in stock is to come on by and dig through our boxes and look at our shelves and talk to us. Come on in! Today is a great temperature for going through the zillions of $1 books in the garage.  (You did know we have a garage full of $1 books, right…?)


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