We’ve got two goodies coming up and I want to make sure people know about them. Any day now we will have hot-off-the-press copies of Fingerprints On the Sky, the authorized Harlan Ellison bibliography from Subterranean Press. We’re taking orders for that already.

From the Subterranean Press website: “This compendium is not of my making: it is seventeen years of labor by Tim Richmond—standing high on the ladder of the most multi-talented people I have ever twined with. In company with his wife Andrea. He is an internationally-lauded string musician—at least ten different axes including 5-string bass, guitar and mandolin…we were once trapped between-floors at a giant convention (with the BritPak) for more than three hours, and all that time—nearly everyone in claustrophobic fear or panic—Tim sat cross-legged like the Ancient Ant of Atlantis, inscribing meticulously…page after page of this book. So, yes, it measures out all the work I’ve created in 80+ years…but this is Tim’s (and Andrea’s) labors. I am merely the shadow Tim has worked so long and hard to personify. It is my hunch that if Posterity gives me a backwards-nod, it will be because this monumental tome exists.” —Harlan Ellison®

Our other must-see item is The Vampire Stories of Robert Bloch, illustrated by Gahan Wilson and due to be released from Haffner Press some time in 2018. They list 30 stories to be included, and say it will be over 500 pages. We’re not sure just when in 2018 it will arrive, but we’re taking names for it now. If you want to make sure to get a copy of this title, please let us know!


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