Maybe not as busy with the *sales* as we’d like — I’m guessing the snow is putting you off a bit. But we haven’t just been sitting around just waiting for you. Greg has picked up a couple of BIG collections over the last few months and we’ve been working our way through them so that we can get them out on sale. The first was primarily science fiction — hardcover, softcover, some CDs and DVDs, and a LOT of it is signed. We have signed books coming out of our ears. Some are just out on the floor, some have been going to ABE and e-Bay.

The second collection is all paperbacks. And not just science fiction, fantasy and horror, either. Everything. And I mean everything — the previous owner was a completist collector who wanted full runs from the publishers. This means we have home repair, puzzle and joke books, classic literature, smut, juvenile delinquency, TV novelizations, westerns, homicides…. And it’s not just Bantam, Pocket, Ballantine, Dell (oh, those Dell map-backs!) Ace and Fawcett, but other publishers like Bart House, Monarch, Beacon, Midwood, Handi-Books, Gold Star, Regency, Nightstand, Ember, Evening Reader, Sundown and so many more! And almost all of it from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Much of it is still in boxes, but Greg has gone through hundreds of books already. ┬áLots of Robert Silverberg, Lawrence Block and Donald Westlake (including the ones that don’t always show up in their bibliographies), and some really fine Jim Thompsons!

Now would be a great time to come shopping to fill in holes in your collection. And if you can’t easily get in, you can send me your want lists at I make no promises about speed — we’re still discovering things on a daily basis and it’s not all neatly organized yet. But let me know what you’re looking for, and if and when I locate it I’ll drop you a note. But if you can, come by and take a look. I’m hoping to get a display of some of the paperbacks up — so many incredible covers!

— Wendy


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