Guest post today from Rick!

DANGEROUS VISIONS AND NEW WORLDS from editors Andrew Nette and Iain McIntyre (PM PRESS) is exactly the sort of trivia-filled science fiction resource I’ve loved since I first encountered Charles Platt’s DREAM MAKERS back in the 80s. This is a great rabbit hole, kids. I’d go so far as to label it “IMPORTANT.”

DVANW has much to offer any true believer. It is informative and enriching. It boasts many fascinating and erudite essays on topics ranging from author bios to important publishers of the New Wave era of science fiction.

There’s also plenty to glean and learn here. Much to observe and marvel over. A treasure trove of details describing a vital era in the history of this rich genre. Even a fan of some 50 years, a child of the New Wave, even I encountered a number of authors and works heretofore unknown to me.

Of particular interest here is an essay on R.A. Lafferty written by Nick Mamatas which in less than 1000 words does more to promote the eccentric Oklahoman than many long-winded introductions I’ve read. And Lucy Sussex’ portrait of James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice Sheldon) is as intense and poignant as a fan might ask.

This is unabashed radical reading with a high literary value. It’s certainly a thrill; and really you can’t do without it.


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