Hi there! I just added something to the site and I thought I’d point it out to you. You may have noticed that most of our stock that makes it onto this website consists of new books. Those are the quickest and easiest things to post on this website, and the easiest to maintain stock of as they are likely to remain in print for a while. But for those of you outside our local area, we’d like you to know that this isn’t all we carry, not by a long shot. In fact, it’s not all we carry online.

If you look at the upper left of the main page of our website, you’ll see a new section beneath our location and phone number. This has links to our sites on ABEbooks.com and eBay.com. ABEbooks has been a very useful website for us to sell older and more collectible books. Greg handles all the listings himself, as grading is very important. eBay.com is good for books, but even better for odd and interesting collectibles. Recently we acquired a collection of 8 mm films. There’s not much call for them here in the store, but eBay has been a good way for us to send them off to folks who will appreciate them.

I understand that some people don’t like to have financial dealings with just anyone on the internet, so I want you to know that any items you see us listing on either eBay or ABEbooks are available through the store as well. Drop us a note at dream@dreamhavenbooks.com and we will remove the item from the other website and process the sale ourselves. Also, we may be able to give you a slightly better deal on it as there will be no fees to pay to the other site.


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