2018.09.08 @ 12:00 – 18:30

We have a lot of books in the store. We have a lot of books in the basement. We have a lot of books still coming in from the collection Greg purchased earlier this year.

Fact #1: We need to clear some space.

Did you know that we have a whole garage full of $1 paperbacks and hardcovers? When something is a little too beat up to sell for regular prices, or when we have too many of them, or when something comes in that doesn’t fall under our usual range of SF-Fantasy-Horror-etc., they often go out into the garage at $1. Yes, the garage isn’t the easiest place to shop, often being a little too cold in the winter and a little too hot in the summer, but right now it’s just perfect. SF/Fantasy/Westerns/Poetry/Home Maintenance/Classics/Popular Fiction…it’s out there.

Fact #2: We have a lot of good books, going cheap, that nobody looks at.

1 + 2 = Fact #3: DreamHaven is going to have a bag sale.

Saturday, September 8th, DreamHaven is going to give you a chance to pick up a lot of good reading for not a lot of cash.

Here’s the plan: $5 gets you a small bag (6 3/4 x 4 3/4 x 13 1/2”) or $15 gets you a grocery bag. You take it into the garage, and fill it with all the hardcovers, paperbacks, 25-cent comics, or whatever else we manage to pack in there by Saturday. Fill it right up to the top, then take it away – not back into the store (we don’t want things to be confused, or to come back!). 

There are lots of goodies out there, and I expect that by the 8th we will have even more. And if the weather is nice, we could expand out onto the driveway and have room for even more things. Come on by, say hello, and help get us a little breathing space before we wedge even more wonders in!


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