Jessica Amanda Salmonson and Naomi Kritzer Reading — 4 Comments

  1. Cool, looking forward to being there, will have to figure out what to bring to read, maybe PETS GIVEN IN EVIDENCE OF OLD ENGLISH WITCHCRAFT since it’s the title story of a book that’ll be released at Diversicon, but I dunno, decisions, decisions.

    Was that picture beside the picture of Naomi supposed to be of me? I did a reverse-image search to see who it really is and it’s Jeri Dansky from the Bay Area. She’s a “professional organizer.” If you’re a hoarder or a slob you can hire her to come into your home and terrorize you into tidiness.

    • I am SO MUCH looking forward to this reading!
      Thank you for IDing the photo – that is totally my goof. I was using a friend’s file of reference photos and have clearly pulled the wrong one.
      Do you have a photo you would like me to use? If not I’ll fix up the graphic with another of your book covers.

      Thank you for commenting!

      • I tried to subscribe to DreamHaven today and it just refused my subscription because the system already has a dead email in the file ( no longer active; the gmail address is current) from some long-ago subscribed. I can’t see how to change that!

        I can send you a real photo of me sure, will send that to your alice@ address. Though I don’t really mind being shown as Jeri Dansky if she doesn’t. -Jessica

  2. Hmmm. Thank you for letting me know about the subscription problem. I’ll try to take a look at that when I’m back at my main machine next week. I wish I could say I’m amazed – but it’s a new-to-me system and I’m still learning my way around.

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