Hello, everybody! This Saturday is not only supposed to be sunny and cooler, but it is also the rescheduled Independent Bookstore Day. Now, we’re still at a stage where we don’t particularly want to encourage hordes of people to descend on the store, even if they are going to buy things from us. But what sort of event can we do and still be responsible?


We didn’t do a bag sale this spring like we wanted to, but we’re determined to get one in this fall, so what better way to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day? We won’t have the garage open like past sales, but we’re going to be bringing out tables of goodies for everyone to take home.

Buy a bag, take home a bag full of books and comics! Fill up your Little Free Library, stock up on your reading material for the winter…heck, insulate your house! So come and join us this Saturday. We’re open from noon – 6, the bag sale will be going on from noon to 5 pm.


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