Hi, everybody. Hope you’re all doing well. Thank you so, so much for all your good wishes and offers of help. We wanted to update you on what was going on with the store.

To recap: around 1 am Saturday Morning (May 30) four people (Young? Male?) stopped at DreamHaven in a car and smashed the glass in the front door. They destroyed our cash drawer, smashed a lot of glass and a computer, cut into boxes ready to ship, threw books around, and set a book on fire. At some point, they were interrupted by neighbors and ran for it with electronics and some merchandise. The neighbors boarded up our door and contacted us online.

Saturday Greg came in and discovered the mess, and called for help online. People were wonderful, and came and helped us clean up and board up the store. Again, THANK YOU!

A lot of folks have been asking if we are going to set up a GoFundMe. We haven’t ruled it out yet, but Greg is still going over things with the insurance company and if we do something, it will probably be after he knows how much the repairs are going to cost.

We’ve also been asked when we are going to re-open. Right now, we’re not sure. Greg says we’ll do it as soon as it feels safe. We’ll update you here when we do. For now, we’re back to online sales. Website, ABEbooks, eBay, or drop us a note at dream@dreamhavenbooks.com. We’re happy to do special orders for you, as long as we can get the books! – Wendy


June 2020 Update — 2 Comments

  1. Not knowing the full extent of your store due to the recent rioting, I am wondering if you have any past issues of the magazine Cult Movies magazine. I believe there were only 41 published.

    • I believe we do have some of those among our movie magazines and I will be able to tell you definitively on Tuesday. Were there particular issues you were looking for? – Wendy

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