A Little Black Book of Bedevilment


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A Little Black Book of Bedevilment by Algernon Blackwood and edited by Mark Sieber

Signed (by editor), Limited Edition (total of 500 copies) Hardcover – Borderlands Press – 2022 – 153 pages

Algernon Blackwood was born at the end of the eighteen-sixties to a normal English family of conventional Christian tenets. Exposure to Buddhism at an early age changed his belief system and he began looking toward the elements for spiritual enlightenment. He turned his hand to writing as a young man, working as a journalist and an author of fiction. His short fiction was popular and it often dealt in the realm of the weird tale. Much of it concerned supernatural forces in nature, as in his most celebrated and reprinted short stories, “The Wendigo” and “The Willows”.

Here then are seven tales from the fertile imagination of Algernon Blackwood. These stories demonstrate his uncanny ability to draw dread and terror from the natural world that surrounds us all.


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